_____________Busted Lip______________

Busted Lip is pretty easy.  It starts with a D barre, except you don't place 
your index finger to barre the chord, you just place your finger over the 
three strings and play the rest open.  Then, it goes to a magic A, which is 
the same as above: an open barre A chord.  Then, it goes to a modified barre 
G chord: release your finger from the barre and place it on the second 
string, playing High and Low E open, but on the fret where the barre G is 
played (just like above with those modified F and A chords).  When the 
singing starts, these notes are sort of picked out.  It is a cross between 
strumming it and picking it, so do that.  Just hold these notes accordingly, 
and softly strum and pick at the strings simultaneously.  This continues 
throughout the song until the bridge.  The bridge is an F minor, which is an 
F chord on the second fret instead of the first.  This one IS played barred 
with your index finger. Then, a barred G chord (with index finger).  Then, a 
barred D (with index) and finally, a barred C (with index).  That's the 
whole song.  Just listen to it for the rhythm.  Here it is again:

  Modified Barre D --- 00777X
                        (Barre D, but no index finger)

  Magic A --- 077600
               (Barre A, with no index finger)

  Modified Barre G --- 055430
                        (Barre G, index finger on second string only,
                         let High and Low E play open.)

  F Minor --- 244322
               (Barred F, on second fret, WITH the index finger.)

  G Barre Chord --- 355433
                     (Standard G Barre, played WITH the index finger)

  D Barre Chord --- 557775
                     (Standard D Barre, played WITH the index finger)

  C Barre Chord --- 335553
                     (Standard C Barre, plated with the index finger)

That's it for Busted Lip, just listen to the song for the rhythm and 
pattern; it's actually quite easy.

Brian Caruso