Condor ave -  Elliott Smith
(transcribed by Max)

Chords : 			*Capo ono 1st fret*

E :		022100
A :		x02200
Gsus4 :	        355400
Cm7 :		x32000
C :		x32010
D :		xx0230
Asus4 :	        x02230
Am :		x02210
B5 :		x244xx
C5 :		x355xx
B :		x20010




       E    A      Gsus4    CM7         C                    Fill   (D)

C    Asus4   Am      B5       A   B5   C
                                Rapid Chord progression
Progression 1 :



Verse (instrumental)
Verse 1 :

E                  A                Gsus4
She took the oldsmobile out past condor ave
              Cm7                     C
And she locked the car and slipped past
Fill (D)
Into rythmic quietude
C       Asus4  Am
Lights burning
B5     A-B5-C
Voice dry and hoarse

I threw the screen door like a bastard back and forth
The feel over each other
I fell onto my knees
The sound of the car driving off made me feel diseased

Chorus :

E         Gsus4                 Am
A sick shouting like you hear at the fairground
E                        Gsus4      Am
Now I'm picking up to put away anything of yours that's still around
E        Gsus4                                 Am
I don't know what to do with your clothes or your letters
E               D                     C         B         C   (Progression 1)
It'll make a whisper out of you

Verse 2 :

She took the oldsmobile out past condor ave
The fairground's lit
A drunk man fits
by the gate sshe's driving through
Got his hat tipped bottle back in between his teeth

Looks like he's buried in the sand at the beach
I can't think about you
driving off to leave barely awake
To take a little nap while the road is straight

Chorus :

I wish that car had never been discovered
They took away the bottle and the hat he was under
That's the one thing that he could never do
And it'll make a whisper out of you

Verse 3 :

She took the oldsmobile out past condor ave
Cops were running around the scene
Looking for some kind of clue
They ever get uptight when a moth gets crushed

Unless a light bulb really loved him very much
I'm lying down
Blowing smoke from my cigarette
Little whisper smoke signs you'll never get

Chorus :

You're in your oldsmobile driving past the moon
Headlights burning bright ahead of you
And someone's burning out on condor ave
Trying to make a whisper out of you

What a shitty thing to say
Did you really mean it?
You never said a word to me about what passed between us
So now I'm leaving you alone
You can do whatever the hell you want to