Tune down a full step

 C(G): 55403X            Gmaj7: 320002
 Db: XXX121              Eb: 476454
 D: XX0232               D*: xx023x
 F#(add9): 244422        A: 577655
 G: 7(10)9787            G7: 353463
 A7: 575485

 Intro:   C(G)   Db/D   Db/D    Repeat

 Db/D       (Riff 1)                       Db/D         Db/D
  Waking you up to close the bar         
  D         (Riff 2)                                F#(add9)
  The street's wet you can tell by the sound of the cars
 D          (Riff 1)                        Db/D        Db/D
  The bartender's singing Clementine
 D          (Riff 2)             F#(add9)
  While he turns around the open sign

 G              A7             C(G)         D
  Dreadful sorry Clementine

Middle 8
 Gmaj7                   A7
  Though you're still her man
             D         Eb
  It seems a long time gone
 G                       D*
  Maybe the whole thing's wrong
 G                      A
  What if she thinks so, but just didn't say so

  You drink yourself into slo-mo
  Making an angel in the snow
  Anything to pass the time
  And keep that song out of your mind

 Gmaj7          A
  Oh my darling, oh my darling
        D             Eb
  Oh my darling Clementine
 Gmaj7           A      D        Bb     G7
  Dreadful sorry, Clementiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnne


      C(G)       D        C(G)       D

   There's a lot of tab in this one
   There's a little riff in the verse played throughout the song.
 |---------------4--2----2-|-2------1/2----2----------|   Riff 1

 |----------------4--2---4-|-----------------------|      Riff 2

        The "Oh my darling........." part goes like this

         There's a part in the chorus right after the A7 chord, that 
goes like this


          That's it, I think. Please let me know if you have any 
suggestions. I need a lot of help on this one.