in this version i pretty much combined the two versions already posted, 
so thank you very much to tony g and elwin for their contributions. i 
also picked some of the chords up by watching elliott play the song in 
concert in atlanta on 5/8/2000. 
david wagner



E    022100  B     x24442
Em   022000  G     320033
Em7  020000  D*    000232
C    332010  F     133211
D    554030  B7/F# 221202 
A/C# x42220

Intro: E E E E (piano comes in on the 3rd E)

E                 Em  Em7 C
i see color bars when i  come
D       A/C#            B              E
sargent rock broke the key off in the lock 
     Em  Em7     C 
to where i come from
         D  A/C#             C            G    D
sir, no sir      we have no power in the air
     A/C#            C
the battle's on the ground
E                  G    D  F    E
laying low again, high on the sound

E             Em  Em7 C
bruno s. is a man to  me
D                 A/C#          B      E
you're just some dude with a stilted attitude
           Em     Em7  C
that you learned from tv
        D    A/C#                C           G        D
you'll undo,      but i'll be connecting everything
     A/C#          C
the traffic in my town
E                    G   D  F   E
riding high again, high on the sound

E, E, Em, Em7, C, D, A/C#, B, E, Em, Em7, C

D        A/C#             C             G    D
everyone     wants me to ride into the sun
       A/C#        C  B7
but i ain't gonna go down
laying low again
G     D  F    E
high on the sound

thanks elwin and tony g. 
david wagner.