__________________Dead Air__________________

*Listen to the song for the rhythm of the chords to be played*

The first chord is palm muted, called a "magic A."  It's an A barre chord, 
but you release the index/barre finger and play the chord open; the other 
three fingers still holding their corresponding strings.  Then, you slide 
down to an E, and palm mute that according to the song's rhythm.  Continue 
this until the singing starts, in which a variation of that "magic A" 
occurs.  When the singing starts, the "magic A" is modified by adding your 
index finger to the second string, just like you would play a barred A, but 
with High and Low E open.  Palm mute this, and, according to the song, slide 
back down to the E and palm mute that as well.  You'll notice that when the 
singing starts, that "magic A" is slid up one fret at the end of the each 
line of verse (listen and you'll hear it).  This is just as it sounds: hold 
that "magic A" and slide it up one fret, and then back down, according to 
the rhythm of the song.  Also, when you slide down to the E, it also slides 
up one fret at the end of the verse of each line.  This is accomplished the 
same way, just slide the E up one fret, and then back down, just as the song 
sounds.  This pattern continues until the chorus.  The chorus is an
A minor, C, and then a modified F, which is the same style as that modified 
"magic A" but just in the position on the fretboard where you would play a 
barred F.  Here it is again, in order:

  Magic A --- 077600
               (Looks like an E, but played in the barre A position)

  Slide Mod. Magic A --- 088760
                          (Slid up from Mod Magic A, played quickly
                           before it is slid back down to mod magic A)
  E ---  022100
          (Standard E chord)

  Slide E --- 033200
               (Slid up from E, played quickly before it is slid back
                down to an E)

  Modified Magic A --- 077650
                        (magic A, but add your index finger to second        
                   string on fret you would normally barre,                  
         playing High and Low E open)

  A Minor --- 002210
               (Standard A Minor chord)

  C ---  032010
          (Standard C chord)

  F Modified --- 033210
                  (Held the same as Mod. Magic A, but where you would        
             normally hold a barre F)

That's it.  When the bridge kicks in, just let a magic A ring out, and then 
bend the strings a little bit while it is reverberating.  When it gets 
faster in pace, just pick up the speed with the chords as listed.

Brian Caruso