elliott's stern face

elliott's stern face
in my mind
while driving
roaring past hollywood

thinking of nothing but
his delicate fingers running
over six strings like
cascades of water
schools of fish and algae
peeking through a waterfall

and i was worried
worried to miss such greatness
worried to never hear that voice
a voice that moves me my soul
a sound that drives your heart
into a darkened corner
where you lay weeping

tears maybe of pain
you have been bottling up and
tossing into the endless sea of
bobbing up and down to nowhere

or tears of joy which has you waltzing
in an intersection of rush hour speeds
as an everyday joe says
"what the hell is his problem?"
but there is nothing wrong with you
you are only weird to those who are not free
free within
locking their souls away and detaching
themselves from one another

but there is a time when we mend together
when we flock to the voice of elliott
we crowd close to the stage
our hearts and souls bed to be refreshed

he opens his mouth
he strums his guitar and we
are full to the brim with inspiration
the kind that has me up till early morning
writing this piece
the inspiration that awakens dreams
born or reawakened from the death
of redundance

he peforms for us
he gives himself to us
he opens up and shows
who he is inside

he is beauty
creating beautiful things
so ineffable that my words
just do not describe his mind
and whole being enough

he makes us beautiful
he throws so much peace at us
somehow me molds our shapes
and grooves into a work of art
he intensifies the blood shooting through our
our hearts beat stronger and we live

like his songs
and so fucking extraordinary

written by luke