Figure 8

Left Hand
D G C     1
Eb G C

C# D# C#
Eb D# C#  2 
F  D# C#

G  D  G
A  D  G   3
B  D  G

Thats the bassline played in appregio

Right Hand
Each line is played together in haromony

Eb G
D  Gb
Eb G	1

D  Gb
Eb G
D# C
Db F	2

Db F
C  E
Db F	3

C  E
Db F
Bb D
Bb D#	1

The "thats a circle that turns round upon itself" line is:
D# D C B C. Listen to the song to get the rythym down. There are some
chords here you play on the left hadn but I havent figured those out

Ok, so that looks pretty confusing but take a few minutes listening to
the song and play along on a guitar or piano and it will come soon
enough.  I numberd the basslines and put the number next to the right
hand part when you should start to play.  Take care,
All the best,