No Name #3

Here's what I've noticed in a live version: Elliott is playing those
chords high up on the neck (as indicated in earlier tabs), but you can
still hear the low G ringing.

So I use a capo on the third fret, and the chords should look like
this (with an open note actually being indicated by a 3):

For the verses:
   G     Bm     Am    C      D 

the chorus:

Bb    Bb6  Bb /A            G 
(you play a G to an E, but capoed it becomes Bb to G)

so it should go:

G          Bm 
we arrived too late
our mouths were opening

Am               G
I turned off the light

C   D       G 
So, come on night

Bb Bb6  Bb /A     G
     Every one is gone
     Home to oblivion

(and, in the end):
C   D      Em    G 
so, come on night

C   D       G
so, come on night

tabbed by DouG.
if this is confusing, email me at