i am sadness in its physical form
and the same reason my family mourns
my heart is torn and cannot be fixed
it's hard living your life knee deep in shit
i fight this war by myself
everyone sees my struggles, but no one ever chose to help
pain has always been what ive felt, and will never go away
i have nothing to live for so there's nothing to say
not a day goes by where idon't cry
i isolate myself from everyone else searching for some place to hide
i wake every morning to another dark and lonely day
whatever idid isure as hell paid
an emptiness burns inside, a longing i'll never satisfy
to dumb to live
to young to die
eternal agony
and i'm to numb to cry
they say everything happens for a reason, so iask you why am icursed
Why won't misery leave me, and why does life hurt
my life can get no worse
i am a broken vessel
nothing can fix the curse

written by luke p.