Tune down one full step
Chords: (Strange and improperly named)
E5: 022400         C6: X3X555
B6: X2X444         A6: X0X222
E5/G: 322400      E5/D?: X52400
E5/A: 5X2400     Bmin: 0X4432
G#: 0X6542(4)    A: X02220
Ok, not a walk in the park, but not too difficult, just strange chords.
You'll have to listen for the timing of the strums for the chords, but
the tempo and strum styles are almost the same for every chord. Hit each
chord's bass note before the slow strum, half of the time you will be
hitting the low E(actually a D, but don't worry about that) string for
the chord. Also, I didn't write it out, but many times after the E5
chord is played, a free finger quickly hits the low G note, you'll hear
what I mean. One more thing, the 6 chords can also be played in their
bar formations, (ex. C6: 8X979X) your choice.
Only one part needs to be tabbed out:
  E5  (5 times)      G#                G#
  E5  (2times)              G#                G#             Bmin
*This part continues throughout the song
Bmin                       C6   B6      A6     A  E5   
while the hands are pointing up mid-----night
G#               Bmin                         C6      B     A6   A      
you're a question mark coming after people you watched col---lide
         E5/G   E5/D      E5   E5/G  E5/A          E5/G    E5/D      E5
you can ask what you want       to          the     sa -   tel  -  lite
G#         Bmin                      C6  B6    A6    A
           cos the names you drop put ice in my veins
G#             Bmin                        C6    B6     A6   A
and for all you know you're the only one who finds it    strange
           E5/G   E5/D        E5   E5/G     E5/A
when they call      it   a    lov--er's     moon
        E5/G     E5/D    E5             C6   B6   A6    A
the      sa------tel------lite
        E5/G   E5/D        E5    E5/G      E5/A
cos it acts     just like  lov-----ers       do
        E5/G     E5/D    E5             C6   B6   A6    A
the      sa------tel------lite
    E5/G   E5/D        E5     E5/G     E5/A  
a burned    out       world   you      know
        E5/G  E5/D     E5     E5/G     E5/A
staying  up     all   night
   E5/G  E5/D     E5 
the sa----tel------lite
Just play the E5 chord repeatedly and hit the G bass note a couple times 
like I mentioned earlier. The sliding note you ear is the 1 to 2 on the
D stringwhich basically makes the ending.  E5: 02(1/2)400, see what I
mean. End on E5.
Good luck.
Tabbed by Bunch
i'm pretty sure this is 99% correct

i can't remember but you probably tune the guitar down a half step or
something (drop both Es to D)
these are just the chords in tab, none of the single note picking is

D     0   2   4   2               0   3       0    
B     3   2   2   1   8   7   5       3   5   3   0   0   
G     2   3   3   2   7   6   4   4   0   0   2   0   0
D     0   2   2   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   5
A     0   0   0   0                   1   3   0   3   5
D     0   0   0   0   8   7   5   5           0   3   5

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