smiles for us all

your carelessness shows in your poor penmanship,
as the bassline slows,
my affection slips.
you don't have the answer
but he holds it in his eyes,
the suave and armless dancer
who's wandering your thighs.
i sat by him in study hall,
the class clown quarterback,
he had smiles for us all,
some saluted back.
do you ever wonder?
if they come back again?
who'll be barking orders?
who'll be boarding trains?
it's easy to be blithe and forever forgiving,
when the unexamined life is the one you're living.
perhaps it's off the subject,
not pertinent at all.
i wonder who'll be left
when flag and duty calls.
i admit to cowardice up and down
in any and all directions.
i swear allegiance to the crown,
and promptly pay protection.
but he is so commanding,
the way he picked you from a crowd,
and not really so demanding
if it doesn't bother you to bow.
i can see what's moving in a shaking fist.
i can see what's soothing in no strength to resist

written by kip