Still Here (Elliott Smith)
Tabbed by F-man
Here is my take on the great "Still Here" by Elliott Smith.  I'm not sure
What key he plays it in, though it's undoubtedly tuned down half a step.
Anyway, I like to play it in C.  Feel free to add/change anything as 
you see fit.

Chords:   Am7       x02213
          Dm/C#     xx3221

C           Am7
Here if you want me

B7            F
listening so close

         Dm    Dm/C#
from far away

   C                Am7
memorizing what you told me

B7            F
like a foreigner

       Dm  Dm/C#          C              Am7
on holiday                smiling at confusion

B7                F                     Dm   Dm/C#
filling in the cracks      before you sleep

C                  Am7
dancing on the highway

B7                   F                Dm  Dm/C#
the broken line that leads from you to me

    C          F           G
i'll be at my station all night

        Dm              F  Fm   G
with my jack and my flashlight

(same chords as previous)
still here if you want me
look at what i can do
with empty time
lost love and words that haunt me
isn't this flat wrong
to sound so sublime
one strike In the mural
planting it to place
like someone's kiss
dead calm
on the tranquil
see between you and me

            Dm  Dm/C#                       C
well that's all                            that is but

    F           G           Dm
I'm here if you want me my love

               F  Fm  G
dancing on the highway

(Elliott plays the verse chords alone here with no lyrics)

     C     F         G
Your sun still in my sky

     Dm              F      Fm  G....End on a C chord
oh my             oh my