Strung Out Again - Elliott Smith
from the Silverlake show recently
The last chorus sounds different but isn't really
Am Maj7 - x02110

A         Am Maj7
You get what you see
  C                 D
I saw the rich fuck giving charity
Dm           Ddim
I saw an needle in front
There in my clothes
A              Am Maj7
They're far from the best
      C                 D
But they suit you better than the rest
Just looking in the mirror
E          C    G/B
Will make you a brave man
Am      E
I know my place
  G     D/F#
I hate my face
  F     C
I know how I began
  G/B     A
And how I will end
E       F
Strung out again

Theres a ?puddle? in the ...
Flying over the city of canals
Floating on a body
Floating in the doubts
You get what you see
Some things they just change invisibly
Don't know where I'm going
Don't even wanna know
I know my face, I hate my place
I know how I began and how I'll end
Strung out again
Am       E           G    D/F#
Standing, smiling on some fantasy island
F        C   G/B     A
Looking at my warm reflection again
  E         F        G      F
The tides coming in and I'm strung out again
  G     A
Strung out again