Sweet Adeline                                          Elliott Smith   
tab: Paul Heiger            

This should be pretty close...but with Elliott, no one knows for
sure...right?!?!   At least there's all the parts and various
unnecessary commentary...it doesn't look  beautiful, but here it
is.......Have a blast!  

Intro:     (in this passage, the notes on the second string are muted
pretty good...listen carefully.


                                   *2 times* then

 G    G      G7     end intro.

vs. rhythm part:
  Bb   Eb   D(7, m6, oct)  G    G    G7
|-7----8----5 \3---7-7-----4----4-----4---|

 Eb   Bb   F    G#   C#  C#     E     *3 times*

 Eb  Bb   F   G#    B      B        D       D

alternate way of playing vs.
(this way, you can play the melody simultaneously.)

Now for the Song:

Verse 1:

Bb       Eb      D         G  G7
Cut this picture into you and me
Bb      Eb        D               G  G7
Burn it backwards kill this history
Bb      Eb   D                G  G7
Make it over make it stay away
   Bb               Eb          D        
Or hate'll sing the ending that love started to say

Back to the intro (1 time through)

Verse 2:
          Bb          Eb             D     
There's a kid a floor below me saying brother can you
  G  G7
Bb             Eb              D             G  G7     
Sunshine for a brother old man winter's in the air
Bb             Eb    D              G  G7
Walked me up a story asking how you are
Bb             Eb             D                      Told me not to
worry you were just a shooting star

Repeat intro again  then....breakout into the most triumphant
chorus...sing along if you dare.

       Eb     Bb    F   G#   C#   C#   E
Sweet  adeline   
       Eb     Bb    F   G#   C#   C#   E
Sweet  adeline
       Eb      Bb   F   G#   C#   C#   E 
My   clementine
       Eb      Bb   F   G#   B     B   D  D
Sweet  adeline

Repeat intro once more.

Verse 3:

      Bb              Eb              D      
Its a picture perfect evening and i'm staring down the
  G  G7
Bb     Eb    D                 G  G7
Fully loaded deaf and dumb and done
Bb          Eb          D             G  G7
Waiting for sedation to disconnect my head
Bb         Eb              D               G  G7
Or any situation where I'm better off than dead

End with playing the G chord over and over until the music's comes to a