Wouldn’t mama be proud

Tune down a whole step to D

This song is very easy to play, enjoy!!

 Am7   D            F                       C
The question is wouldn't mama be proud
 Am7   D            F                       C
There's a silver lining in the corparate cloud
 Am7   D               F                    C
And the pretty post that you're taking
as an NCO
Of the great pretender, I should sure
think so
 Am             C           D         Fmaj7
Would'nt   mama      be       proud?

Am7         D       F            C
Can I take your order? as the heaven
we host
Am7          D          F           C
Take it to the jetstream, going coast
to coast
Am7       D          F            C
The long stemmed glasses, a movie
and a pleasant dream in midair
 D                                F
You gotta tell  me quickly cause
wer're almost there

 F                    E
Pointed out of the window
Am                   D
at the sky gone black
 F                      E
 Kid  you're on the right track                     Interlude
Am   C       D      F
Am   C       D      F

Am7        D            F              C
If  I send you postcards, from the side
of the road
Am7       D             F              C
Photogaphs of moving hearts about
to implode
Am7        D          F                C
If I called to keep it together like you
say you know I can do
 D                          F
To transmit the moment from me to 

 4 more times

Some of the chords don't match up
with the words so you have to listen