10.04.98 - tramp's - new york, ny

christain brothers
waltz #2 (xo)
stupidity tries
bottle up and explode!
baby britain
sweet adeline
bled white
everybody cares, everybody understands
ballad of big nothing
independence day
good to go* (stopped)
no name #4*
i didn't understand*
division day
when i paint my masterpiece

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: above average quailty, although a bit of audience noise. a girl was seen filming with a vhs-c camera, so the first 30 minutes of the show exist on video somewhere. approximate running time: 60 minutes. stupidity tries and happiness are two new songs elliott debuted during the tour. all songs are backed by quasi except where marked with an asterik ( * ). these songs are elliott alone with an electric guitar. good to go was stopped. when i paint my masterpiece is a bob dylan cover.

thanks to sean