stranger than fiction - elliott's high school band

the machine

unreleased elliott songs live

a silver chain, blue mood, cecilia/amanda, come out now, come to me, confusion, crazy fucker, dancing on the highway, flowers for charlie, go by, hanging out with me, have you seen her, i'm doing ok, pretty good, now you wanna show me how, place pigalle, riot coming, see how things are hard, so many people, sorry my mistake, talking to mary, stickman, true love


thirteen, stained glass eyes

early versions live

everybody cares, everybody understands

live covers

all my rowdy friends have settled down (williams jr.), ballad of a thin man (dylan), blackbird (beatles), blackjack davey (traditional,dylan), blue eyes crying in the rain (nelson), care of cell 44 (zombies), chelsea girls (nico/reed/morrison), clouds (quasi), don't fear the reaper (blue oyster cult), don't think twice, it's all right (dylan), for no one (the beatles), give me love (give me peace on earth) (harrison), hooray for tuesday (the minders), i'm so tired (beatles), isn't it a pity? (harrison), jealous guy (lennon), long long long (the beatles), lost highway (williams), nighttime (big star), out on the weekend (young), supersonic (oasis), these days (nico/browne), when i paint my masterpiece (dylan), walk away renee (left banke), yer blues (beatles)

morning becomes eclectic


morning edition 5.19.00



waltz #1 (demo) mp3


elliott smith live!

thanks to ben, rae, guffsmith, jennifer, alexandra, jim, frank, skot and whoever i am forgetting.

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