01.04.98 - green street grille - cambridge, ma

everybody cares, everybody understands
division day
waltz #2 (xo)
say yes
i didn't understand
bled white
waterloo sunset
rose parade
shooting star
st ides heaven
miss misery

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: decent quality show, and another favorite. elliott seems to be frustrated by his voice. he says something about not talking all day and it has made his voice sound terrible. approximate runnign time: 40 minutes. this was the going away show for lou barlow (sebadoh, folk implosion, etc.). he was leaving boston for los angeles. waterloo sunset is a kinks song written by ray davies. elliott has covered this song many many times in his live shows. each time it is played, it is as good or better than that last one. this particular version, elliott stops mid-song and then says somethign about the volume of the monitor is going up and down. the sound man asks elliott what is wrong, and after a brief pause, elliott says "it's nothing really..." the crowd laughs and then elliott said "it's definatley not an excuse" . classic elliott moment. st. ides heaven and angeles were attempted but aborted


thanks to sean