02.05.98 - the point - atlanta, ga

division day
waltz #2 (xo)
between the bars
southern belle
st. ides heaven
jealous guy
rose parade
miss misery
say yes
needle in the hay
coming up roses
christian brothers
no name #3
pictures of me
biggest lie

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: available on both audio and video. both versions are decent quality, an extremely loud crowd disorts the sound between songs. the video is a little grainy. a bit of distortion, and has some sort of effect on it. approximate running time: 70-75 minutes. jealous guy is a john lennon cover. elliott evidently cannot whistle, so he invites someone on the stage with him each time this song is played. or maybe it's because he can't whistle while smiling. thirteen is a big star cover written by alex chilton. "clouds" is a quasi song that can be found on quasi's r & b transmogrification" cd and lp on up records.

thanks to sean