03.27.99 - westbeth - new york, ny

alphabet town
st ides heaven
happiness (stopped)
no name #4
southern belle (stopped)
harvest moon
everything reminds me of her
last call
tommorow, tommorow
no name #1
son of sam
sorry my mistake
easy way out
between the bars
punch and judy (stopped)
i didnt understand
i figured you out (stopped, but eventually finished)
miss misery (stopped, but eventually finished)
biggest lie

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: there are several audio sources and are average to above average recordings. elliott stops the setlist in one song and takes request for the rest of the show. elliott is not really in the mood to play. he messes up quite a bit. he says he is sick of playing his songs. harvest moon is a neil young cover. acoustic set.


thanks to sean