04.14.97 - brownies - new york, ny

divison day
st. ides heaven
alphabet town
cupid's trick
say yes
needle in the hay
between the bars
southern belle
waterloo sunset
biggest lie
punch and judy
see you later
speed trials
christian brothers
big decision
no name #1
coming up roses

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: great sounding show. for some reason most of the nyc and hoboken shows are. approximate running time: 80 minutes "thirteen" is a big star cover written by chris bell and alex chilton. original version appears on big stars' "#1 record". "waterloo sunset" is a cover originally performed by the kinks. it was written by ray davies and appears on numerous kinks albums. "see you later" is a heatmiser (elliott's old band) song that appeared on heatmiser's 1994 record "mic city sons". one of the most popular questions asked is "what are the lyrics to cupid's trick?" the lyrics you can understand very clearly, but still no one knows what he says. what does he say?? overall, this show and the night before (4-13-97) are two of the "must haves". elliott seems to be in a good mood and very talkative.

thanks to sean