04.17.97 - black cat - washington, dc

division day
alphabet town
between the bars
bled white (early version)
st ides heaven
say yes
needle in the hay
big decision
southern belle
2:45 a.m.
waterloo sunset

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: excellent quality (probably soundboard recording) approximate running time: 50 minutes waterloo sunset is a kinks cover thirteen is a big star cover the version of "big decision" is the best recording of the song i have heard. however, at the end of southern belle, he breaks off into a coughing fit, so perhaps he strained something! he jokingly says that he always winds up choking in southern belle or some other song. great show. elliott seems to be in a good though quiet mood. there are a couple of songs where he stops playing then starts up again. he's in beautiful voice throughout.

thanks to steve