05.15.97 - ej's - portland, or

division day
alphabet town
st. ides heaven
some song
christian brothers
plainclothes man
all my rowdy friends have settled down
big decision
2:45 am
rose parade
pictures of me
say yes
between the bars
come out now
speed trials

bootleg: yes
bootleg info:good sounding show. elliott in portland should not be missed! elliott is in a very good mood...or drunk..and is extremely talkative. i think these shows are the best! approximate running time: 75 minutes there are at least 2 sources of this recording plainclothes man is a heatmiser song that appears on mic city sons lp. all my rowdy friends have settled down is a hank williams jr. song, and i have no idea which album it appears on. elliott's version is awesome though! he says he can't make it through the song without cracking up. the unknown song contians the lyrics "...will you come out now..."


thanks to sean