05.03.97 - stinkweed's - tempe, az

coming up roses
divison day
alphabet town
st. ides heaven
southern belle
waterloo sunset
needle in the hay
say yes
speed trials
see you later
i figured you out
biggest lie

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: this show is from video. it is good quality, very close and tripod shot. approximte running time: 55 minutes i think there may be a couple of sources of this video, but i have only found one. the one i have has "biggest lie" cut. i suppose it was a battery problem. pete krebs was also filmed at this show "waterloo sunset" was originally recorded by the kinks and written by ray davies. it can be found on many kinks lps. "see you later" was orignally a heatmiser song. it appears on heatmiser's 1996 album "mic city sons" "i figured you out" was attempted, but aborted after elliott stated "it sounds like the fucking eagles". the song was written by elliott and given to mary lou lord. it appears on mary lou's album "martian saints", which is available from kill rock stars for cheap! "thirteen" is a big star song that elliott has covered many many times, but each time it sounds amazing!!


thanks to sean, scott