05.06.97 - morning becomes eclectic - kcrw- santa monica, ca

division day
needle in the hay
say yes

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: outstanding quality. the show is from kcrw's morning show. it features an interview and 4 live songs. approximate running time: 35m the greatest thing about this show would be that you can hear the full broadcast of it at kcrw's stet kcrw.com. well...maybe it's not the best thing, but it's pretty damn good. the interviewer has a bit of a hard time with elliott. he seems to ask a lot of questions elliott doesn't really want to answer. at this time elliott had just moved from portand and broke up with his girlfriend, and the interviewer seems to ask all sorts of questions about that and elliott's early years in texas, which he doesn't like to talk about either

thanks to sean