07.31.97 - knitting factory - new york, ny

pictures of me*
ballad of big nothing*
speed trials*
cupid's trick*
rose parade*
miss misery*
waltz #2 (xo)
division day
between the bars
christian brothers
say yes
i didn't understand
southern belle
st. ides heaven
punch and judy
no name #4
coming up roses
biggest lie
needle in the hay

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: average sounding show. elliott is in a very good mood and plays forever! you can tell by the setlist huh? approximate running time: 90 minutes (last song is incomplete) all songs with and asterik ( * ) are backed by quasi. something is a beatles song written by george harrison. it can be found on the beatles abbey road lp. the unknown song contains the lyrics "...you can go but i'll say what i should..i'm doing okay pretty good..."

thanks to sean