8.18.01 - sunset junction - silverlake, ca

shooting star
lets get lost
somebody's baby
say yes (stopped)
alameda (stopped)
son of sam (stopped)
pretty (ugly before)
a passing feeling
division day
needle in the hay (stopped)
between the bars
southern belle (stopped)
last call (stopped)
blackjack davey
happiness (stopped)
the biggest lie
clementine (stopped)
independence day (stopped)
see you later
everything's okay (stopped)
needle in the hay

bootleg: yes
bootleg info: average quality. shot on video and recorded. approximate running time: 90 minutes. a passing feeling and everything's okay are 2new songs. blackjack davey is woody guthrie cover.

taken by charlie taken by charlie taken by charlie taken by lauren


thanks to courtney, charlie, lauren