april 2001

third and south and t-shirt update

thanks to j.t. for emailing me this information concerning elliott's appearance on birddog's a sweet and bitter fantasy:

elliott plays piano, bass and drums on the song "third and south"

a little update concerning the sweet adeline t-shirt. due an injury :) and working out certain small stuff, the t-shirts have been delayed but i hope to have the shirts this week! i hope! when i get em i will for sure get them out as soon as possible. the latest i hope is middle to end of may. if you did not order a shirt, i might have some left but it wont be known til i send all the shirts that have been pre-paid. i will for sure make an announcement as soon as i know if anyone is interested. thank you for your patience and thanks so much to clem for helping me do this. she deserves all the credit! also i hope to announce the recent giveaway winners soon :) (4.24.01)

elliott on the new birddog and did u know...?

thanks to j.t. for taking the time to send me info at elliott is on the new birddog release. here is his email:

i don't know if anyone has mentioned it but elliott is on the new birddog cd, "a sweet and bitter fantasy" - you can get it from insound. i don't know in what capacity he works on it, because i haven't received it yet. but i'll let you know once i do.

j.t. also added this cool side info i didn't know about so since news is slow i thought it would be cool to feature it:

also insound has a cool japanese zine called "cookie scene" it has an interview with elliott, but it's all in japanese. it also has two cool pictures from his dec. 2000 shows.

also, on the mark de gli antoni record, the song elliott plays on, "they wave", has part of the lyrics from the either/or outtake "going nowhere". (4.20.01)

a little bit more about the 6 songs and tribute on spin!

thanks to mike for replying to an email i sent to the elliott smith yahoo group about giving us more info about the 6 songs played after the grandaddy/earlimart show:

one of them was fond farewell. i think it was a new version. another, he said, was not named and inspired by a budweiser commercial. he said the others were new unnamed ones too, but i was having too much drunken fun to
remember details. : p

also spin recently added a piece about the sweetaddy tribute cd and other information about elliott. go to spin.com to check out! thanks to prettyugly! (4.17.01)

elliott performs with grandaddy and 6 new songs?

thanks to pink for posting this on the sweet addy discussion board:

elliott sang a solo moody ambientistic freestyle* in the middle of he's simple he's dumb he's the pilot tonight at the grandaddy show in l.a.

he sounded beautiful as always. and after he sang he crawled off the stage like a little bunny rabbit...he kinda hopped off the stage while crouching on his knees.

* thank to jose for adding this: there was nothing "freestyle" about elliott smith's special appearance. the lyrics he sang, "did you love this world/And did this world not love you?" were grandaddy's very own and are very much a part of the original album track. mr. smith's contribution was lovely (especially as there is nobody in grandaddy who could have hit the high notes outside the studio) but it did not contain any freestyling, as it were!

mike, from the elliott smith yahoo group, also post this bit about the after show party. thanks mike:

earlimart held an after party at their house in silverlake after the show...elliott came up the driveway....the highlight of the night was when he was downstairs in the a-man's room and he showed us about 6 new songs(that he called demos) that were so very good. (4.15.01)

download the sweetaddy tribute record!

thanks to mike for uploading the whole sweetaddy.com tribute cd to his site! for a limited time (about a week), mike will have the tribute record available for everyone to download for free. it also includes an unreleased track by kuta doing bled white! to download the songs please visit this link!

here is another little news bit about the tribute in france. go to here to check it out at les morceaux caches! (4.13.01)

more tribute news and more about the gbv record!

sadly i didnt save the links, but the sweetaddy.com tribute cd was featured on 3 more sites including the official les inrockuptibles webpage. the other 2 sites that featured a little story on the cd included another french site and a russian site! if u are interested in hearing the tracks, eventually mike will have a place to download the songs! i will for sure add a link when/if that happens :)

i recently bought the new guided by voices, isolation drills, and found out songs elliott is on skills like this, how's my drinking?, and fine to see you. the new gbv cd is in stores now! (4.9.01)

mary lou covers heatmiser, tribute on nme and more!

i recently bought a copy of mary lou lord's new cd 'live city sounds' and included in the track list is a live version of mary lou doing heatmiser's not half right (the untitled last song on heatmiser's last cd mic city sons). at this time the cd is only available from mary lou herself. it will eventually be released by kill rock stars in the coming month(s). for more information concerning how to order the cd, please go to carsten's wonderful mary lou lord site here!

nme.com recently added a really cool story about how fans on the sweet adeline discussion (www.sweetaddy.com) recently did an elliott smith tribute cd. the cd was organized by mike mccusker and features a few fans from the board doing elliott songs. please go to nme.com to read the whole story! congrats mike and everyone on the board who is on the cd! :)

finally thanks to tina for posting on elliott smith yahoo group that if you go down to pitchforkmedia.com and scroll down to end and look under elliott smith that there is a listing for elliott under the to be announced section. jon brion is listed as the producer but at this time it looks like elliott will be producing the record himself. go here to check it out (4.4.01)


sorry for not updating for a while. its been really quiet lately :( anyway i thought i give fans a little recap of the future stuff and a giveaway to pass the time.

the recap is that elliott is working on the new record. so far it looks like elliott will be producing the record himself and that he hopes to finish around the end of april.

also the toadies' new record is out. elliott plays on hell below/stars above. u can even hear the track on the official toadies website by going here. also look for elliott to also appear on the next guided by voices record this tuesday: "isolation drills." thanks to andre, he says elliott is on "skills like this." look for elliott to show up on other tracks too. go to the official gbv site by going here. (4.2.01)