april 2004

elliott's studio/new album updates, ucsd radio dedication, under the radar elliott tribute, coachella update, and needle in the hay 7" repressed

thank you so much to gary, elliott's father, for taking the time to send this update concerning elliott's studio and the future release of 'from a basement on the hill.' here is the message he sent to us:

"we have received many questions about the sale of elliott's studio and the release of his new cd. i want to give you as much of an update as i can. first, the studio: when the initial news about the studio sale was posted on the site, we had hopes that someone would come along, take it over and run it as elliott might have envisioned. this was a good idea, but turned out to be ultimately unrealistic. we have had many wonderful responses from people who want to manage the space but do not have the financial means to keep it going. we have also had many inquiries from people who have been interested in purchasing pieces of studio equipment for their own use. we have decided that we can no longer attempt to keep it open as "elliott's studio." in addition, we do not feel comfortable sellling it piece by piece. so, we are going to let a responsible music dealer find someone who is able to purchase the equipment for their own studio, and move it to a new space. elliott's instruments will not be sold.

i want to thank all who have expressed interest in his equipment and in being involved in the attempt to maintain the studio space....we have truly appreciated the many kind words which have come along with the inquiries to the studio e-mail address.

now, the new cd. we are beginning the final mixing and production phase in mid-may and are planning for a september or october release. we will know the name of the label by the end of the month and i'll let you know just as soon as the final decision is made."

gary smith

thanks to juliet for sending this about a radio show dedication for elliott at uc san diego. here she is with more info: my friend does college radio at uc san diego. we wanted to do a two hour special elliott smith dedication this wednesday, april 28th by playing all elliott smith songs. i guess it's in memory since it's been around 6 months to the tragedy. the station however is only available through the internet and that can be done at www.ksdradio.org. we can also take requests live during the time throug aim. just something we thought would be fun to do....

here's the info. one more time...
wednesday april 28th

thanks to rachel for sending this: just wanted to let you know that there is a 'remembering elliott smith' in issue six of under the radar mag. rilo kiley is on the cover, and there is an article/some anecdotes about elliott from other musicians (& fans). for more information about the wonderful people at under the radar, please go to undertheradarmag.com.

thanks to dan for sending us an update concerning the upcoming showing of unreleased footage of elliott performing at coachella. here is the info and if you want to learn more about it, please go here.

saturday and sunday
10:00am - 11:30am: Shorts Program 1
10:00pm - 11:30pm: Shorts Program 1

short program 1
elliott smith - exclusive performance footage
fela kuti - exclusive performance footage
bob marley - exclusive performance footage

finally, thanks to alicia and paul for letting us know that kill rock stars recently repressed elliott's needle in the hay 7" and you can get it for $4. please got to the kill rock stars store to order one! (4.26.04)

coachella footage, interview with ross harris, ben fold's 'late' and more

thanks to rey for sending in info that coachella is planning to show special never before live footage of elliott playing a show. based on the photo on the 2004 coachella film festival website, it looks like it might be footage from elliott's performance at spaceland on 1.12.03. sadly there isn't any additional information about the show itself or what time the film will be shown on the website. the coachella festival will be on may 1st and 2nd. for more info, please go here.

recently, a friend from sweet addy, jim (meepmeep) was able to contact ross harris to ask a few questions about elliott's videos. ross was a friend of elliott's and directed 2 of elliott's videos including 'coming up roses', 'miss misery' and heatmiser's 'plainclothes man.' ross also appeared in steve hanft's film about elliott, 'strange parallel' as the person selling the robot hand (english version) and wrote and acted in soutlander which elliott made a small appearance in. ross was really nice to answer some more questions and he sent us some wonderful/detailed answers about his work with elliott and about elliott himself. thanks so much to ross for taking the time to do this and thanks to jim too. please read it by clicking here.

thanks to dan for taking the time to send us this about a song ben folds wrote about elliott: i'm not sure if you have heard of this already, but ben folds has a new song entitled "late". he stated that it would be on his new album. a live version of the song can be found at http://www.pitchpipe.org/ben/.

here is some really cool tributes to elliott other fans sent in: thanks to stephen for sending this in: just wanted to mention that calexico covered "rose parade" at a gig in new orleans at the howlin wolf on sunday march 21st. thanks to adam for sending this: i thought you might like to know that Ron Sexsmith's latest album, which came out on Tuesday is dedicated to "the memory and music of johnny cash, june carter cash and elliott smith. mary lou lord also dedicated her new album to the memory and music of elliott smith. (4.19.04)

a message from elliott's father, studio email, belfast tribute update & frontier records

thank you to gary, elliott's father, for sending us an email to us. he asked me to share the email and i was asked to post it on the discussion board. if you would like to read it, please go to sweet addy.

gary also sent us an updated email address for inquiries about purchasing elliott's studio. many of the emails sent to the current address are not being received properly, so the family has changed the email address to elliottsstudio@mail.com. for more infomation about purchasing elliott's studio, please go to the studio page.

thanks to nikki for sending more info about the belfast tribute concert. here it is: i wanted to update you on the belfast elliott tribute - it's part of the cathedral quarter arts festival, this from the organisers: "this tribute night will involve some elliott smith film footage, including the ‘strange parallel’ feature, plus renditions of his songs from the likes of the desert hearts, the killing spree, duke special, and others, tba. profits from the event will be donated to the elliott smith foundation. the night will be presented by stuart bailie, who will also celebrate elliott’s music on his across the line show on radio ulster, friday april 30, 10-11.55pm." the web link for the radio show is http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/atl/index.shtml in case others wish to listen online.

finally, frontier records posted a nice page in elliott's honor from his days in heatmiser. it includes some rare promo photos, a little note from elliott and a postcard from heatmiser to them. to check it out, please go here. also if you are looking for elliott's first 2 records and eps with heatmiser you can order them from frontier as well, by going here. (4.4.04)