april 2006

suicide squeeze 10th anniversary cd, home to oblivion on sale now, elliottsmithbsides & no xiu xiu cover?

happy 10 years to suicide squeeze! :) thanks to david for 10 years of putting out some great music including 2 wonderful releases by elliott (division day and pretty (ugly before) singles!) i hope its ok to say that we hope for another 10 years worth of awesome music released by suicide squeeze and beyond! thank you for what you have done! in part of the celebration, suicide squeeze will be releasing a 2 cd compilation of songs from some upcoming 7" releases to celebrate the 10 years and to also revist some of suicide squeeze's releases in the past. included in the 2 cd set will be elliott's song, division day. division day was released (1997) 1 year after suicide squeeze got started! the compilation is slated to be released on august 22. thanks to david for the info and please check out suicidesqueeze.net for more info! thanks to pitchfork for the news too!

want to get to get christopher o'riley's elliott smith tribute record, home to oblivion: an elliott smith tribute, earlier than ordering it on the 11th (the official release date for the cd)? christopher was nice enough to add the cd for sale on his official site recently and if you are interested in getting it for a great price and free shipping (with nice artwork and thoughts about elliott), please head over to christopher's online store at kagi.com by clicking here: home to oblivion. the cd has 18 instrumental renditions of elliott's songs on the piano. also, don't forget to check christopher on tour. christopher will be doing various recitals that will include some of christopher's renditions of elliott's songs. for one special night in los angeles, christopher will be performing a whole recital of elliott's music at the getty in los angeles on friday, april 21st. if you are interested in going and want to make a reservation, please go here: getty.org. also if you would like to see a larger version of christopher's tribute album cover, please click on the image to the left!

a big congrats to elliottsmithbsides.com for being featured in the latest issue of magnet (along with being in rolling stone recently too!) with jason lytle on the cover. the site was featured on page 32 under the static news section for their 'site inspection' piece. thanks to them for sharing elliott's music for everyone to enjoy! also included in the same issue of magnet is rhett miller's suggestions for a mix tape and he includes elliott's 'i better be quiet now' as one of the songs.

finally, we might have some sad news for xiu xiu + elliott fans. gav, who posted in the comment area on the last news post, mentioned that he recently interviewed xiu xiu and that it looks like they pulled their cover of an elliott song they were planning to release next month at the last minute. gav is hopeful (and so are we) that down the road they will be able to release it since a good number of people have been asking about the cover :) thanks gav! (04.08.06)