april 2007

domino pre-order, new moon reviews, new moon liner notes, & ybp poll

fans on the domino mailing list got news that domino is now offering pre-order for the upcoming release of new moon! fans in europe can go to the the domino recording co. website and order the double cd or vinyl versions of the record and receive it by may 7th if you order now! if you order the double cd it will be £8.99 (plus postage) and the double lp will only be £9.99 (plus postage). for an extra bonus, all orders will receive a special new moon promotional poster for the release! :) if you are interested in order from domino, please go here: new moon ordering page.

reviews of new moon are starting to pop up in magazines. here are some of them:
under the radar: 8 out of 10
paste magazine: 3 stars
observer music monthly: 4 out of 5 (thanks to king for a day)
spin magazine: 4 out of 5 (thanks to rob87)

thanks to richard for letting us know that amazon.com added larry crane's liner notes for new moon to their site. the info gives insight/thoughts about the songs and where they came from. it is really cool to read. if you are interested in checking it out, please go here: new moon on amazon.com.

finally, thanks to casey at yellow bird project for sending this neat poll they are doing. the poll is called 'elliott smith: between the covers' and here is the description on why they have the poll: "we have been having some heated debates over here at ybp, about who has done some of the best elliott smith covers, and whether or not they do justice to his songs. watch some of his great masterpieces covered in passionate ways by some of our favourite bands, and let us know which one you like most! xo, ybp team." if you would like to check out the covers and vote for you favorite, please go here: elliott smith: between the covers poll.

yellow bird project is a wonderful non-profit initiative that collaborates with musicians to raise money for various charities through t-shirt sales. rilo kiley and yellow bird project were awesome enough to create a shirt and donate the funds from it to the elliott smith memorial fund! you still buy the shirt if you are interested. here is a link: the rilo kiley esmf charity t-shirt page. if you would like more info about the yellow bird project, please go to yellowbirdproject.com. (4.22.07)

pitchfork premieres 'high times' from new moon!

hi everyone, in doing my usual research i see that pitchfork added 'high time' from the upcoming elliott record, new moon, to their 'forkcast' section on friday! while 'new monkey' was broadcasted first in europe, 'high times' is the song that kill rock stars have been planning to share with fans in support of the new record (you might have a chance to download 'high times' from killrockstars.com this upcoming week too). fans have had the chance to hear elliott's unreleased version song around the same time sean croghan covered it for the elliott covers record "to: elliott from: portland", but it is now coming out officially on new moon with larry crane's mix. if you would like to check out 'high times' please go here: 'high times' on pitchfork! please do not forget that the record is out may 7th in the uk and may 8th in the u.s. if you are interested in ordering it from kill rock stars, please go here! (4.14.07)

kill rock stars now taking new moon pre-orders!...& myspace (updated)

fans on the kill rock stars mailing list got the wonderful news today that kill rock stars are now taking pre-orders for the upcoming elliott record, new moon :) the listing for both the 2cd and 2lp new moon versions are pre-orders and will not ship until may 1 (the record comes out in stores may 8th for the u.s. and may 7th in the u.k.). there are a few great things if you order through kill rock stars! one is that the vinyl version comes with a poster while supplies last. another good reason is that both cd and lp versions are $14.00 + shipping each! third, it's nice to support a wonderful record label that is releasing more of elliott's songs with love and care and most importantly, a significant portion of proceeds from the album sales will go directly to outside in, a portland-based social service organization dedicated to providing diverse services for homeless youth and low-income adults. thanks to all at kill rock stars for all they have done and if you are interested in buying from them you can pre-order new moon and buy other elliott smith records by going here: kill rock stars elliott smith store page. if you we hear any updates about pre-ordering the cd via domino recording co., i'll for sure pass it along :) xo

updated part: sorry everyone for advertising that we have a myspace page. sadly, myspace deleted the page even though we had permissions to pass along to them and we made a huge effort to get whatever info they needed to keep us online. we didn't even post any music or videos to show that we were doing it in good faith. anyway, i'm sorry to all you guys who really wanted an official one. i am still willing to send the permissions if anyone at myspace is interested. thanks and again i'm sorry to all the fans that add us.(4.10.07)

new monkey, heatmiser represses, satellite cover, 33 1/3 + more!

wow a lot of news to catch up on! :) here is the first one: thanks to chris for posting on sweet addy about the first appearance of a song that will be featured on upcoming release of new moon! 'new monkey' was featured on the bbc show, marc riley's brain surgery on wednesday, april 4th. if you weren't able to hear it live on the day it was featured, you can download it at this time! i am not sure how long it will be there but if you check out this post on sweet addy, kylmcg was able to rip the song from the internet. look towards the bottom the thread. if marc's show is still available, if you click the 15 minutes button 2 times and wait about 5 minutes, new monkey will come on! new monkey will be on new moon on may 8th (7th in the u.k.)!

betty from frontier records was kind enough to let us know that their recent 1st pressing of heatmiser's yellow no. 5 sold out! thank you so much to everyone for buying it. but frontier now has pressed new copies of all the heatmiser vinyl they released with a special clear colored vinyl. they look really great and totally suggest if you are a hard core collector to buy this pressing of all the records because they are really nice to have! if you are interested in getting them, please check out frontier's heatmiser ordering page! thank you betty!

thanks to adam for letting us know that petra haden and bill frisell released a new self titled record this past week and the record features a cover of elliott's song "satellite" as the opening track. i downloaded it and it is a really nice cover of elliott's song. if you would like more info about the record please go here!

thanks to amy for letting us know about a future 33 1/3 book about elliott's work on his 'xo' record! wikipedia was the best place i could find to give you a description of what 33 1/3 does and here it is: "33 1/3 is a series of books written about important and/or seminal music albums. written by one author per album, the series is published by continuum books, a division of the continuum international publishing group and is edited by david barker." 'xo' came up on their official blogspot as a future project. the book is slated for a spring of 2009 release and matthew lemay is writting about elliott's work on 'xo.' if you would like to check out 33 1/3's blogspot and keep up to date with the books they are writing pleae go here: http://33third.blogspot.com/

thank you to adri for taking the time to make this cool animated gifs to help promote new moon's release. she made 2 sizes to share in case you wanted to help promote the release of new moon. if you are interested in downloading a 108x98 pixels version, please here: 108x98. or if you are interested in a 284x185 pixels version, please click here: 284x185. thanks if you can help spread the word :)

finally, thanks to everyone who has written in about amazon having a pre-order for new moon. i am actually waiting til kill rock stars and domino announce when they will be offering pre-orders to support their wonderful labels and to make sure outside in gets a good amount of the proceeds from the record sales. i am not sure when domino is offering pre-orders but it looks like krs will be offering pre-orders soon! thanks! xo (4.7.07)