august 2001

try this at home, elliott's picture in gq plus more!

thanks to fred and peter for taking the time to send this info reported on mtv.com and vh1.com. the article talks about a film festival called hiqi. the festival is featuring a radiohead movie but it is also hosting a documentary on olympia, washington's indie-rock scene focusing on elliott, sleater-kinney and quasi called 'try this at home'! if you visit the hiqi festival website, can view a trailer for the film even though i didn't see elliott. it also looks like the yo yo a go go festival is a big part of the documentry. here are some dates and theaters where the festival will be held (more to be added!)!

9/14-27 - new york, ny @ pioneer theater
9/21-10/4 - los angeles, ca @ regent showcase
9/21-10/4 - atlanta, ga @ cinefest
9/28-10/4 - minneapolis, mn @ sound unseen
10/5 -11 - portland, or @ clinton street theater
10/5-11 - austin, tx @ landmark dobie
10/19-25 - san francisco, ca @ red vic
10/26-11/1 - chicago, il @ landmark century

thanks to robbie for sending this:

i wasn't sure if you already knew about this but in the september 2001 issue of gq magazine there is a picture of elliott on page 108. the article is about two new books coming out from photographers: lacombe and greenfield-sanders, and there is a picture of elliott in the the new greenfield-sanders book.

check out jerad's new design for elliott smith opinion's. he has a new site address. go here to check it out!

jennifer from roman candle also took some pics of elliott at sunset junction. she has a page full of them. please go here to check them out! thanks jennifer!

thanks to michele for taking the time to let me know that miss misery did not end up making it in jay and silent bob strike back. in an early cut of the movie it was featured in the good will hunting 2: hunting season scene as background music. even though there is music in the scene, its not elliott and there is no miss misery listing in the credits. (8.31.01)

unreleased songs and letters to elliott

thanks to someone for letting us use 3 songs taken from elliott's recent show at sunset junction. 2 of the songs are unreleased new songs and the other is a cover of a traditional song, blackjack davey, that was done by bob dylan which in turn is a different version of woody guthrie's song "gypsy davey." (thanks aaron!). here are the songs: a passing feeling, everything's okay and blackjack davey. i also uploaded new versions of shooting star and lets get lost to the site. just to let everyone know, everything's okay is incomplete. at one point a speaker cuts out too. also i hope to add lyrics soon!

also if you remember last month we collected letters to give to elliott for the fun of it. well recently the person who helped organize it emailed me to let me know that the emails were delivered at sunset junction to give to elliott. so hopefully elliott liked them :) (8.24.01)

sunset junction

i'm back in salinas after seeing elliott at the sunset junction. the show was unique. its been a while since elliott has played in front of anyone and a lot of the older songs were aborted, but otherwise a good number of new and old songs were played for the all acoustic set. 3 new songs were played including shooting star, which is older. thanks to amy, she was able to get the setlist from elliott and we were able to get some titles for the new songs: lets get lost (played at spaceland at the beginning of the year), a passing feeling, shooting star. the other new song that was not completed and not on the setlist was "everything's okay" (tim and i made up that title!) thanks to tim for taking the time to send me the setlist with comments (i also helped out with titles):

shooting star
lets get lost
somebody's baby
say yes - stopped the song right before "crooked spin can't come to rest" cause he couldn't remember it
alameda - stopped this one early too
son of sam - did the first 2 verses and the bridge fine, but didn't try the last verse....it was still good though
pretty (ugly before)
a passing feeling
division day
needle in the hay - abandoned right around the second verse
angeles - beautiful, the crowd helped out a little bit on the words
between the bars - also beautiful, didn't need our help this time
southern belle - didn't even make it to the words before he stopped, he just couldn't get the guitar part down
last call - sang "last call, sick of it all" then stopped and laughed and said that's all he could remember
blackjack davey - a woody guthrie cover, was very cool
happiness - didn't get very far here either, may have sang the first few words
the biggest lie - did this one pretty good, it was very pretty regardless, i loved it
then he said thanks and that was it, walked over to the girl taping him (his girlfriend i believe?), talked to her for a second, came back and sat down, said "just had to talk to my coach" and carried on with more songs
thirteen - big star cover song, heartbreaking as usual
clementine - got thru around the first verse before he had to quit
independence day - couldn't get the guitar part right so he abandoned it
see you later - played this one very well
then he left the stage, the lady in charge of the stage got us to help bring him back out for "one more song", and he obliged
everything's okay - he got thru most of this song but couldn't remember the end i guess, so he had to quit it there
needle in the hay - he asked if he'd already tried needle in the hay and had stopped, and the crowd said yes, so he said he'd do it right this time. and he did, and it was great.
then he said that he'd do better next time

i also took some pictures: 1 2 3 and there were a good number of videotapers and recording of the show so it might show up on some trading circles. (8.19.01)

the royal tannenbaums and southlander moved to the viper room

thanks to chip and john for taking the time to let us know that needle in the hay will appear in the upcoming wes anderson film, the royal tannenbaums. john says: anderson's use of music always compliments his films really well (look at rushmore and bottle rocket)...plus, it's a surprise, considering his films usually use music by british artists....it's, supposedly, used in a pretty emotional scene too. chip included a link to a couple of stories about the movie at ain't it cool news. go here to check it out!

also thanks to ben and jeff for telling us that the august 14th screening of southlander has been moved to the viper room in los angeles. jeff sent this info:

a special 8:30 screening of southlander independent film by steve hanft starring hank williams III. followed by performances from thee midnight cornshuckers (featuring members of whiskey biscuit and thelonious monster), the mormons, and future pidgeons".

it's part of the international society for good music that they have every tuesday at the viper room. usually the first time there, it costs $7 and you have to give them your name, address, etc. and they give you a membership card. then if you go there again, you usually show your card and get in for $5. some events are a little higher prices depending on what the show is. it's probably good for people to get there early because it takes a while to get everyone's info if there's a lot of new people there.

for more info go to viperroom.com (8.9.01)

elliott on the new goldenboy record and new album news?

thanks to j.t. (and silke too) for taking the time to send this:

i e-mailed b-girl records, and they said that elliott is on goldenboy's record. he sings back up vocals on "summertime". the record is available now through www.b-girlrecords.com.

also j.t. included this too. it looks like elliott isn't done recording! please consider this a rumor until it shows up officially through elliottsmith.net or dreamworks ;)

i also found out that elliott is almost done recording his album. it should be out early 2002. the person who returned my e-mail said it is being recorded by goldenboy's bass player/producer dave mcconnell. he also said it unlike anything he has done before and elliott is very excited about it. (8.8.01)

happy birthday elliott!

i, and hopefully on the behalf of other fans, just wanted to wish a happy birthday to elliott! elliott is now 32 years old. i hope he has a wonderful day and i wish him many more! :) have a happy one (8.6.01)


hi everyone. sorry i wish i had more stuff to update but as you all know its pretty quiet ;) anyway i just wanted remind everyone about a couple of things to look forward to.

first just to let everyone know the person who wrote in the 'ask rebekah' section is not elliott. it's just someone trying to mislead us. sorry about that.

anyway i wanted mention some cool upcoming stuff. the big one is the sunset junction fair in silverlake, ca! elliott is scheduled to play on the 18th and i'm going so i hope to have a setlist or something (pictures?) to post on sunday/monday following the show. a couple days before that spaceland in los angeles will be playing southlander on the 14th. speaking of movies, elliott will also get some time in a couple of them. as reported before, elliott's figure 8 poster shows up in the background in the princess diaries. then a previously released song is suppose to show up during a scene in jay and silent bob strikes back. it was there in early screenings.

please check out the latest updates by scrolling down and looking at the updates on the left. even the front page might not be updated news wise, i still take time to update other sections. i will be deleting newbies on a 3 month period for now on, on the traders list just help bring the load time down on that page. also recently i finally got months of emails that people emailed me on charlie@sweetadeline.net. im soo sorry i wasnt able to get those emails and respond! i don't know what happened! anyway there was too many to write back to. im really sorry. i hope no one thought i was ignoring them. anyway that address works again in case anyone emails to that address. look forward to another giveaway soon :) thanks for still coming by! (8.4.01)