august 2002

elliott posts a message!

elliott recently visited the discussion board and posted a couple of messages under the screen name 'the blether' to answer a couple of statements from that one thread reported on the 7.11.02 update to the site. here is what he posted:

fan: i dunno its sad really. i have this sick feeling that we will not see the new album, in legal form. (not gonna start a bootlegging argument) But i hope we do. even if its the last one, i hope its a blaze of glory (i mean retiring not anything else)

elliott: I've had a sick feeling for a long time, but you will see LP6, IN LEGAL FORM (not that I care if people bootleg it). also, thanks for the photo album of letters and 2nd double disc. some of you sing better than me, of course. this record is not being held up by my (quite good) management or, some kind of corporate crap. I'm getting healthy after a bad time. 2 songs left to pick now from 40. i haven't died, y'know? (wished I had for awhile.) THIS MESSAGE APPEARS COURTESY OF THE BLETHER, but is from (h)hhelliott (i am not the blether, but i know...them.) sure seems like a lot of people on this thread running around with arrows in their hats. love to you all, m'friends. peace, (h)hhelliott (elliott)

fan: e. i'm hopefully completely wrong

f. regardless you guys will probably hate me for this post because it's not cool to point out the icky details of our board's namesake hero...sorry...

elliott: i'm not a hero and you shouldn't be hated, but yes, e. you're completely wrong. sometimes i get TIRED. (no sarcasm implied) i slept on my f***ing arm wrong after 2 bad shows. should i have refused to try? apparently...to some...not in my opinion. i mean, if i'd cancelled with people already in the building...hmmm, same thread I guess...but i'd have felt like i let folks down without a try. performance minus risk equals BOREDOM for you and me. personally, i despise BORING PERFORMANCE. this tangled thread, however, makes me SMILE. it's my birthday today, i feel OK, so please don't infer any anger here, just a little clarification. perfection is not my ideal. it's an insult to the gods. love to you (i mean it) yer friend, (h)hhelliott (8.8.02)

happy birthday elliott!

hopefully on the behalf of other elliott fans, i would love to wish elliott a happy birthday. elliott is 33 today and i hope the day is good and he gets everything he wants on it. what a good excuse to ate a cupcake or birthday like pastry in elliott's honor :) if you want to write a little birthday message for elliott, go here and maybe he will see it! anyway, happy birthday elliott! (8.6.02)

the biography, meet up day and brownies to close

yay! im proud to announce that steve's elliott smith biography is done and now online. i can't tell how thankful i am to steve for taking the time to write it and letting us put it on the site. there is a lot of love there and here is some love back right back to steve. the first page is a statement from steve about writing the bio so for more info go here! i hope you'll enjoy it! :)

thank to holly_golightly_17 for organizing an international elliott smitgh meetup day! the first one is scheduled for monday, august 12 and if fans are interested in signing up and having a chance to meet other elliott fans in their city or close by, please go to elliottsmith.meetup.com and get more information.

finally, thanks to peter for posting this little elliott mention recently in the new yorker on the yahoo group list:

here's an interesting tidbit. apparently brownies (in ny) is closing in a few weeks. the little blurb on it in the nyer says that elliot (sic) smith, et al. made their ny débuts there. (8.1.02)