august 2003

elliott set to play all tomorrow's parties (update)

thanks to j, josie, jude, chandler and zack for sending word that elliott will playing this year's all tomorrow's parties this year. the festival on nov 8th & 9th in long beach, california, but at this time we are not sure what day elliott is playing. here is a link to check out the site and get additional information concerning tickets and the latest updates about the shows: all tomorrow's parties 2003.

update part: thanks to chris and ellen for letting us know that elliott is now scheduled for sunday 9th november 2003 on the qm events park stage. one of the coolest things is that elliott is playing on the same day and stage with one of his favorite bands, iggy and the stooges! :) (8.30.03)

new site!

eek! i hope it doesnt freak anyone out but here is the new version of sweet adeline :) i hope you like and looks ok on your computer. i hope to change the top part in future though! so there are a few changes to the site. i tried to organize the site to help find everything in 1 place easier and it will give me room to add more :O anyway there are for sure going to be some glitches, inconistant stuff and so on, if you see something like a broken link or problems, please me know by email me here (charlieramirez@sbcglobal.net) and ill try my best to fix it. well enjoy what does work :) i want to thank some awesome people who help me with the new site and they include: christa, nefi and scott for helping me with images and lyrics! thank u! well thanks again for coming bye and hopefully u are ok with the new design.

broken link update: all the tabs, cd singles, bio page 10, pictures
text update: text size will be adjusted, but it will take some time for the whole site to be done.

elliott in magnet, free mp3s, gigography and heatmiser group!

thanks to ani, abha, and brad about elliott being in the latest issue of magnet. here is ani:

just bought the latest magnet magazine (sept/oct 2003 with radiohead on the cover) and found a page dedicated to elliott. it's the magazine's 10 year anniversary and they feature 10 artists i guess they seem to think made a valuable impact in the last 10 years. the article is just a rudimentary rundown of elliott but it's nice of them to recognize him, good photo too.

abha adds: they also listed xo as album #12 in their top 60 albums of 1993-2003. it's a good issue, lots of good bands are profiled.

thanks to lido for adding 3 new shows to his site, elliott smith mini-repository, free to download. the 3 shows are 4/1/03 at detroit bar, costa mesa, ca, 5/28/03 at the derby, los angeles, ca, and 8/3/03 at the derby, los angeles, ca. remember these shows are free and it's great way to start your bootleg collection so you don't have to buy them!

also, elliott smith gigography recently update their site with a whole bunch of new information concerning show and bootleg information. please give them more info if you have it! thanks to jill and jerry.

finally, thanks to helio for sending word that there is a new mailing list dedicated to elliott's old band, heatmiser! the list is described as 'a didactical and introspective view and analysis of heatmiser from beginning to end... ' if you want to join this list, please join at yahoo groups here! (8.20.03)

elliott to play redfest 2003 in utah and a pitchfork review

thanks to ellen for sending us info about a new show coming up for elliott. here is all the info:

friday, september 19, 2003
salt lake city, ut
university of utah - redfest 2003
union plaza (behind the university union building)
8 pm set

this show is all ages and open to the public. further information can be found at www.ustudents.com.

also thanks to jonas for posting on sweet addy that pitchfork recently added a review of "a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free." they give it 4 1/2 stars :) anyway check out the review here!

by the way, copies of pretty (ugly before) and 'a distorted.." 7" are in stores now! if not in your hometown store, ask your local record store to order you a copy if they care 7"s. (8.14.03)

:) happy birthday elliott! :)

yay! today is elliott's birthday and, i hope on behalf of other elliott fans, i just wanted to wish him a wonderful and fun birthday! elliott is 34 today. if you are interested in posting (or just looking at) some happy birthday wishes, daphne started a sweet addy thread here. anyway i hope the day is good :) (8.6.03)

kinks tribute and southlander coming to dvd!

thanks to daisy and demo for sending/posting info about last night's kink's tribute. here is daisy with some thoughts:

they did four songs. for the first one, elliott played lead guitar only; one of the guys from physical plant sang lead and played rhythm. i don't know the title of the song. the guitars were out of tune so at the end of the number a physical plant guy spent kind of awhile tuning up. elliott did not really talk to or interact with the crowd. people shouted out names of kinks songs as if they were requests, but elliott did not react. for the second song, the guys in the band started to trade places and switch instruments. elliott jacked up the mic and stepped up to sing lead and play rhythm guitar on "dead end street", a great choice and one of the more recognizable kinks songs. this was the best moment of the set. for the third song, instruments/positions were traded again, and elliott moved to drums. (a physical plant guy stood alongside him and played the hi-hat on the kit.) i don't know the name of the song but musically it almost fell apart. the guys all cracked up a lot as they appeared to have hardly rehearsed the material but were trying sincerely to pull it off. for the fourth and final number elliott got up and shifted to lead singer (no guitar), again i don't know the name of the song but it was a loose and sloppy rendition. then somebody from the stage (i don't remember who) said, "that's it", and the song as well as the evening kind of sputtered out.

demo adds: the band members who played with him are called robin (you all know robin by now), fritz (you are beginning to get to know fritz, he is helping elliott out with his record, and he has alot of really good energy) and *pulls out piece of paper from her pocket* jeff. jeff is from d.c. and used to play in a band called grey matter.

she also mentioned that they played 'big sky' too.

thanks to chris for taking the time to send us info about 'southlander' coming to dvd in october! elliott has a very brief moment in the movie directed by steve hafnt and we are unsure if elliott's song 'splitsville' will appear in it (a clips is available at the southlander.net site). here is chris with some more nfo:

i thought you might be interested to know that southlander will be available on dvd 7 october. i don't know anything else about the release, other than that amazon is selling it for $14.99. (8.4.03)