august 2004

basement postcard. memorial fund update, gothamist, & elliott tributes

thanks to js for posting on sweet addy the first promotional postcard and item being used to help promote the upcoming release of 'from a basement on the hill.' the postcard was given out at this past weekend's sunset junction in silverlake, ca. hopefully we will be seeing them in some form at record stores and other music related places. if you would like to see a larger version of the postcard, please click on the image. please click here if you would like to see the back of the postcard.

ashley recently gave us an update on the elliott smith memorial fund mailing list thanking fans for donating to the fund and also giving a tally about how much the memorial fund has made. it looks like the tally from fans all over the world is $46,000 so far :) thanks a lot everyone! if you would like more information what the fund is, please click the elliott smith memorial fund banner above or click here!

thanks to daniel for sending this in about a recent interview gothamist did with rob sacher, the co owner of new york's luna lounge. it's a short interview and rob is asked to tell one story in a new york minute and he decided to talk about elliott, who would visit the bar and worked on songs that would eventually be one elliott's record, xo. to read this great story, follow this link to the gothamist and scroll a quarter of the ways down.

finally, here are some tributes to elliott that were recently sent or posted:
badly drawn boy - dedicated his new album, 'one plus one is one' to elliott & others (thanks to danielle)
nickel creek - covered son of sam recently. you can download it here. (thanks to jay)
third eye blind - they will contribute a 6 minute instrumental called, elliott smith to the benefit "live from nowhere near you, volume two." it is unknown when the record will be available at this time. (8.23.04)

strange parallel at the archlight in los angeles on august 15

finally thanks to steve and jennifer for sending info about the upcoming showing of steve hanft's strange parallel in 35mm it will be shown in los angeles on august 15, 4:30 pm at the arclight cinemas (or cineramadome theater). the showing is part of the "don't knock the rock film festival" steve's films are being billed as 'illegal music/ short films by steve hanft' and is descriped as 'these short films and videos focus on rockers who refuse to play the standard corporate sound of today's airwaves.' strange parallel will be playing along with several other of steve's short films (90 minutes of them). here is more info about strange parallel: strange parallel, starring elliott smith top off the series. just as the time with mr. smith was too short, this 30 minute film is an exuberant tagalong with smith as he patrols the bars of portland oregon and new york city with a smile on his face, plays tiny guitars at 4 am, comes to terms with his academy award nomination, and is haunted by strange dreams of a mechanical hand. presented on the big screen in 35mm, this film reminds us of the beautiful days when we still had elliott here. if you would like more info about film schedule for steve's films, please go here. (8.10.04)

birthday thought, tribute in sydney, + somesongs.net

it was 35 years ago today elliott was born into this life. it goes without saying that we wish we were blessed with more days of your kindness, music and smile. we remember you on this day and hope we will always celebrate the days you lived.  you will always be in our hearts and many of us will always be thankful for this day. we blow a kiss and a wave right back to you. xo

thanks to megan and marlyce for sending us info about the upcoming elliott smith tribute show on monday in sydney, australia. here is what she sent:

elliott smith tribute night
monday 9th august
the basement, circular quay sydney

"steve kilbey (the church), mick hart, shane nicholson, abi tucker, eduardo santoni, kara grainger, joy & lara, butterfly, andy gordon and more – like they aren’t quite enough – pay tribute to the much loved and much missed singer songwriter, elliott smith. and with the previously unreleased basement on the hill album with us soon, it only seems fitting that here’s where it’s at. join us for a night of homage to the legacy of elliott smith."

thanks so much to neil for opening a new elliott site! it is called some songs and it is an elliott smith live music resource. along with other fans, neil hopes to share the best quality elliott shows available for download for everyone to have for free. the site will also include a discrography page, message board and possible much more in the future. anyway, it looks like its going to be a great resource to find shows. please pass the info around :) somesongs.net will go live (probably around 9am est) today, the 6th! (8.6.04)

new york tribute, faboth vinyl, ostriches & chirping/twilight, and excuses

thanks so much to david and all those involved for sending us info about the upcoming elliott smith tribute concert they are doing in elliott's honor and for the elliott smith memorial fund! they are going to play all the songs from elliott self titled record! anyway, here is david with all the info:

boog city's perfect albums live presents
elliott smith's self-titled second album
sun., aug. 8, 8:00 p.m., $8
the bowery poetry club
308 bowery (and 1st street)
new york city

the album will be performed live by aaron seven, neil j. cavanagh, cheese to
bread, matthew glasson, the olga gogolas, and matt lydon directions: f to second avenue, 6 to bleecker call 212-842-boog(2664) or email editor@boogcity.com for further information all proceeds go to the elliott smith memorial fund, which benefits abused children through art.

thanks to duncan for pointing out that the hmv website is listing a vinyl version of elliott's upcoming record, 'from a basement on the hill', for european music buyers. rumors are that anti- or another label will release a vinyl version of the album in the united states and canada but no official announcement had been made. if you are interested in ordering the vinyl version through the u.k.'s hmv, please go here!

thanks to rod, chris and alex for taking the time to clarify information about to 2 track on 'from a basement on the hill.' according to them 'twlight' is actually the fan titled 'somebody's baby.' while ostriches & chirping is a short (instrumental) track of actual ostrich sounds and chirping. except ostriches & chirping, this now means that elliott played all these songs live at one point and there are no unheard songs on the record even though they most likely will sound differently from how elliott played the songs live.

finally, im so sorry to all the people who have emailed me recently and sent stuff to contribute to the site. in the last year the amount of visitors has grown very quickly and i have had a hard time keeping up with it all now. its been kind of overwhelming in a good way but it's been still hard to catch up. i think in the future, i will be asking for more help but right now i'm not sure how to go about it yet. im so used to updating it on my own so it's kinda hard to let it go too. but i just wanted to thank you all again for taking the time to send stuff/info in or just to say something nice. i'm really sorry! i wish could email you right away or post it right away. thanks for your patience and hopefully things will work out. xo charlie (8.1.04)