august 2005

mtv posts about thumbsucker soundtrack & christopher o'riley news/review

thanks to rod and chuck for sending us a link to a great story on mtv about the upcoming soundtrack for the mike mills' film, thumbsucker. the article has great insight in how mike got elliott involved and the plans they had together in making a soundtrack for the film. the article also includes a list of songs (including many songs by the polyphonic spree) that are officially on the soundtrack that is coming out in the united states on september 13th! as reported earlier, elliott covers/song that are included on the soundtrack are 'trouble,' 'thirteen' and 'let's get lost.' please check out the article at mtv.com by going here!

in checking what was going on with christopher o'riley's for a review that was sent to us from christina, i saw in his news section on his website that he has completed his principal recording session for an upcoming tribute, 'home to oblivion: an elliott smith tribute by christopher o'riley.' the provisional tracks for the tribute are: coast to coast, let's get lost, i didn't understand, speed trials, i better be quiet now, roman candle, satellite, independence day, cupid's trick, oh well, okay, no life, between the bars, christian brothers, everything means nothing to me, waltz #1, not half right, stupidity tries, and bye. please keep checking his site (and ours) for updates!

so thanks to christina for sending a link to a review she did on christopher o'riley's performance of elliott's songs at ucla back in may.christopher played elliott's songs in the first part of his performance that night and she was nice enough to send us her thoughts.

if you are interested in reading the review, please go to uclaradio.com and if you would like to know more about christopher o'riley and download some of his interpretations of elliott's songs, go to www.christopheroriley.com. (8.17.05)

thumbsucker movie and soundtrack cd release information!

thanks to everyone on sweet addy for letting us know that the new trailer for the upcoming movie, thumbsucker, is out now! even though the trailer itself does not include elliott's music in it, the movie will be including 2 covers by elliott of cat steven's 'trouble' and big star's 'thirteen.' the movie will also include elliott's own song, 'let's get lost' from 'from a basement on the hill.' the movie was made by mike mills and mike helped out with the early promotional artwork for elliott's 'figure 8' record including the 'happiness' single. the movie opens in new york and los angeles on september 16 and please check your local listings when it will be in your area!

elliott's covers and 'let's get lost' will also be included on the upcoming soundtrack release of 'thumbsucker' too! even though a live cover of 'thirteen' has appeared in jem cohen's film, 'lucky three,' this will be the first time it will be released on cd. 'trouble' is an unreleased cover and makes it's first appearance on both the movie and soundtrack. amazon.com has a listing for the soundtrack already with a release date of september 13, 2005 you can pre-order it now!

if you would like to check out the official movie website for 'thumbsucker,' please go to thumbsuckerthemovie.com! thanks to marta too! (8.13.05)

happy birthday, elliott!

36 years ago we were blessed with elliott coming into our world. elliott was born on august 6, 1969 and today we celebrate his life and the good things he gave all of us. i hope the day is a nice day for you all and if you are planning to something to remember elliott by going to the solutions wall, listening to elliott, having some ice cream or whatever it might be, i hope its a nice time. much love to elliott's family and loved ones on this day too! elliott, you are never too far from our hearts! we miss you elliott - xo (8.6.05)