december 2001

merry xmas!

i just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas. i hope everyone will have good time during this time! so thanks to marla, here a little xmas gift (until i get my act together and update the site with the portland and seattle setlists. email too!)! 3 recent and beautiful pics from elliott's recent show in portland. click below to check them out!

a close up of elliott
a full rocking shot
elliott, sam and russ!

i think sam has a mohawk going :) also i just realized sam and russ together. in case u didn't know russ is now playing bass for elliott on tour if elliott plays electric. kinda a passing of the torch kind of thing?...i didnt have a better analogy and i know its a dorky thought! sorry! ok merry xmas! (12.25.01)

elliott in london?

thanks to john and fred for taking the time to send this info:

teletex tonight it states elliott smith will play at london's royal festival hall (with an orchestra) on the 6th of feb as part of mojo's 100 issue celebrations (mojo is a uk monthly music mag).

also fred he sent this additional info too: i rang them up this morning and tickets are on sale now from their box office which is on 02079604242. i guess it will be on their website as well soon which is www.rfh.org.uk

keep checking elliottsmith.net too for official word on this! (12.21.01)

s.f. shows plus setlists

yay! elliott came back to san francisco on both monday and tuesday and i went to both shows. i had a great time :) both nights were pretty cool because elliott worked off a setlist and requests. a lot of the new songs were played and elliott tried a few older songs even though he hasnt played them for a while. i dont think i ever seen elliott do that before so it was neat. some were aborted but it was awesome that he tried anyway to do some random requests. i took some pictures and i hope to add em soon if they come out.

also elliott sold most of the merchandise they had at the shows. all the money is going elliott's charity he is starting for abuse children. there might be a few cds left for the upcoming shows so please buy some for xmas gifts or something. all of it is going to charity! anyway here are the setlists for both shows. thanks to bradley for posting it too on the sweet addy board!

dec. 17: let's get lost, don't go down
passing feeling, strung out again, pretty (ugly before), needle in the hay, shooting star, true love, division day, little one
fond farewell, say yes (with major audience participation), friends (led zeppelin cover), independence day, no name #4 (aborted), between the bars, somebody's baby (with mike from oranger)

dec. 18: let's get lost, give me love (give me peace on earth) ) (george harrison cover), passing feeling, strung out again, pretty (ugly before), fond farewell, shooting star, little one, pitseleh, alameda, don't go down, true love, independence day, the biggest lie, friends, angeles, blue eyes cryin' in the rain (willie nelson cover) waltz #2(xo), somebody's baby (with jason lytle from grandaddy and mike from oranger), say yes

also on a personal note. it was awesome to see everyone i know and got to meet! (12.20.01)

more on amos and the new record!

just to let everyone know, i plan to be both s.f. shows this week. i hope to have setlists for both shows online by wednesday. i hope everyone enjoys the upcoming shows!

thanks to jeff for sending me this info about the chance that the song on the upcoming benefit record, the amos house collection, vol. II, might be a different version of bottle up & explode! that hasn't been released. here is what jeff said:

in the new ice magazine, it says that elliott's song on the amos house cd is bottle up and explode (new piano version). so maybe this is different than the early version of the song that has been a b-side? isn't that what had been reported to be on the cd? hopefully it really is something new.

also thanks to rob for sending this from the new mojo magazine with george harrison on the cover. this blurb is in the 'in the works' section of the magazine and talks a little about the new elliott record:

title: from the basement on the hill.

due: spring

production: smith is in charge at his la studio

songs: include shooting star and little one. guests include flaming lips' steven drozd and beachwood sparks' aaron sperske.

buzz: says smith: "it has this weird kind of mitch mitchell drumming...(and) guitar leads. (it) was recorded with very little reigning in of ideas." (12.16.01)

2 little articles

thanks to justin for sending this little article on woxy.com that talks about elliott's upcoming record, from the basement on the hill. go here to check this article out.

also pitchforkmedia.com recently added an article about the upcoming, the amos house collection, vol. II. its a benefit record and features the alternative version of bottle up & explode! go here to check who else is on it and more info about the charity.(12.14.01)

2nd s.f. show sells out , no hey jude, and gq!

just a little update. ticketweb is no longer selling tickets online for elliott's second show in san francisco on the 17th. :)

thanks to fred and will for sending us info that it looks like there will not be a cover of hey jude by elliott on the soundtrack for the royal tenenbaums. amazon.com is listing the tracklist for the soundtrack. needle in the hay is listed but hey jude is not. go here for more info!

thanks to billy for taking the time to send this little tidbit from gq about how needle in the hay ended up in the royal tenenbaums and what wes anderson said about it:

"i don't use many songs that are recent, but this is an exception. elliott smith, the album that it comes from, was playing when i wrote the scene. sometimes the music inspires the scene and helps me figure out how to write it. other times it doesn't come in until we're in the cutting room." (12.7.01)

another s.f. show added after 1st one sells out!

first though i'm sure you've all heard that george harrison passed away on thursday. it's well known elliott is a george harrison fan and has played a good number of george's songs live like something, my sweet lord, give me love (give me peace on earth), isn't it a pity? and others. being a fan myself of george's, i'm sad to see him go and truly thankful he shared his music with us.

it's tough to follow that! well it looks like the first san francisco show at the great american music hall on the 18th is now sold out. thanks to ellen for sending us info about another show that has been added! here is ellen:

we've added a second night, monday, december 17 at the great american (music hall) in san francisco. tickets will go on sale at ticketweb and at the venue box office on thursday, december 6 at 10 am. (12.1.01)