december 2002

l.a. show update and other mentions!

thanks to llaurens for posting this on sweet addy: have you seen that? the show is now listed on the spaceland website. elliott's name is not really mentioned but when you click on "special guest" you are sent to "sweetadeline"..... by the way, there are no pre-sale tickets, and no line-ups before 8:30pm!!!!!

in media news: thanks to abha for sending this: just wanted to let you know that elliott is mentioned twice in the recent issue of magnet. there are no links on their site, but in the aimee mann interview, she mentions elliott, and also in the big star story they mention that elliott has covered 'thirteen'.

also thanks to brady for sending this clipping from a recent issue of request magazine that has some past info about elliott. go here to check it out.

another elliott mention/rumor was on slate website. it was talking about 2002's best 5 indie releases and they mention that the biggest indie news was elliott didnt release a record this year but is going to release a record through dreamworks in the middle of next year. i haven't anything about that but here is mention! thanks to scott for sending that in!

finally thanks to carmel for sending this in after seeing ok go on 11.21.02:

so i went to see fountains of wayne tonight at the crocodile and ok go opened for them. well, much to my surprise...they played clementine! isn't that neat?? it was a pretty decent version too (not nearly as good as elliott, obviously) but still a good version. just thought you might want to know!

i wanted to wish everyone a happy xmas and holidays too! (12.22.02)

benefit show on jan. 12 2003? and way behind

thanks to jae for sending me this info:

it looks like elliott is playing a benefit show at spaceland in los angeles, ca on sunday jan. 12, 2003. if you would like more infomation about it, please go here:


so far there isnt a listing on clubspaceland.com or ticketweb.com but keep your eyes open. sorry there is no word about other shows or tours at this time. anyway good luck getting tickets and maybe ill see you there :)

finally, sorry im soooo behind with emails because of school. in a couple of weeks school will be out and i will hopefully add your contributions and new info. sorry about this! (12.8.02)