december 2003

a note from ashley, boston tribute piece and lou barlow's tribute

ashley sent this little note to all of us: "To all those who have sent checks (and even cash!) to the Memorial Fund thus far, thank you very much. I have received them, but have NOT deposited them into a bank account for the Memorial Fund yet because we're still working out the details of the not-for-profit account. It's tricky setting one of these up, and I'm trying to do so as fast as I can. Please be patient with us and we apologize for hanging onto all of your checks for so long. They WILL get deposited soon. Also, thanks for the notes and cards. Y'all are very kind. Peace be with all of you during this holiday season."

thanks to andrew for sending in a recent review of the boston memorial show featured at the boston globe. to check out the review, please go here. don't forget the baltimore tribute is this tuesday. for more info, scroll below. please check back too because more tributes are being set up for the upcoming year. thank you to everyone setting one up.

thanks to james for reminding me to post about a nice tribute lou barlow wrote about elliott, including pictures, on his site, loobicore. to see it, please go here. (12.28.03)

grand rapids, michigan benefit and a few elliott mentions/tributes

thanks to suzy for donating $ from her upcoming birthday party to the elliott smith memorial fund. here is more info about from suzy: "my name is suzy cole. i work at a radio station ( wgrd ) in grand rapids, michigan. i'm throwing a station party for my birthday which is on the 28th of this month. it is going to be at the intersection, which is a local club where i've spent all of my birthdays it seems...they had nothing planned for the sunday of the 28th and so i decided to build a show. i'm going to have between five bands play throughout the night and they are all going to play for free. there are going to be drink specials and we are going to be charging admission at the door and i would like ALL OF THE PROCEEDS TO GO TO THE ELLIOTT SMITH MEMORIAL FUND. i was and am a huge fan of Elliott's and miss him dearly and this is part of the reason why i put together the show." for more information about the party, here is a page wgrd put together.

here are a few mentions about elliott fans have sent in.you might have a to look around or scroll down to look for the mentions and tributes: thanks to bryan and marlyce for sending this link: the onion's av club. thanks to matthew: steven malkmus - under the radar. thanks to brad: e! online. (12.26.03)

baltimore tribute show set, boston tribute t-shirts help and 1 link/mention

thanks to anjy, candy and everyone involved in setting up the upcoming elliott smith tribute concert on december 30th at the ottobar. here is candy telling us more about it:

elliott smith memorial tribute concert
tuesday, december 30
2549 n howard st.
baltimore, md
doors 7pm/ show 8pm
all ages/ door $10

*all proceeds to benefit the elliott smith memorial fund
*tickets can be purchased in advance from mission media http://www.missiontix.com or at the ottobar
*tickets on sale now

we want to thank everyone for the wonderful response we have had...and to thank elliott's family for their gracious blessing. we look forward to a very beautiful and positive night of honoring and celebrating elliott's life and work. we feel honored to able to do this. we will be screening strange parallel, lucky three, and possibly some concert footage and videos. we have about 13 acts scheduled to perform at this time and will also (time permitting) have time for people to sign up the evening of the show (open mic style) to share one of elliott's songs or a poem, etc... at the end of the evening we are hoping to being able to have some social time to connect with everyone and listen to some of elliott's concert footage. we have had some beautiful sketches of elliott donated to us for the evening, and we hope to make a few prints of them to auction off at the end evening. we will also have a donation box to benefit the memorial fund as well. we hope those who are able will come and share in what we anticipate to be a very special night..

thanks to kayleen for sending this about making t-shirts to help out the elliott smith memorial foundation at the boston memorial concert. here is what she sent: hey all you wonderful sweet addys. im looking for people willing to help create some simple, lovely, hand made "fan to fan" type elliott smith shirts for the boston tribute show. i would REALLY appreciate it if you all can ask around for people who are seriously interested in helping out and making some shirts, and contacting me. my email is roxi19x@aol.com. we would like to get about 50 to 80 shirts together to sell to go towards the elliott smith memorial fund. please spread the word! id greately appreciate it! and remember...the show is comming up and will be here before you know it...next sunday! so we need to work fast to make this possible. also, i want people to know that there will be blank name tags at the club so they can fill it out with their addy screen name and first name. this way friends from the site can get together and meet each other! thanks, kayleen

finally here is a link and an elliott mention: thanks to phil for letting us know that the official largo site had put a soundboard version of elliott's cover of clouds to listen to in their audio/video section. also if you look under photos you will find a picture of elliott watching the show. aimee mann is in the new entertainment weekly, with the cold mountain actors on the covers and including the listen2this insert, giving her 12 cd you have to get and aimee lists elliott's xo cd as #4 on her list. (12.15.03)

nashville tribute show on the 14th, es.com discussion board and tape op

thanks to robin for sending word about another tribute show! thanks to everyone putting it on. here is more info that robin sent:

i just wanted to inform you of an elliott smith memorial tribute show going on in nashville, tn. the date is sunday, december 14th at 6pm at the curb cafe, belmont blvd. the show will feature an assortment of students and nashville residents covering their favorite and most valued elliott smith songs and performing some originals inspired by him. there will also be artwork on display, viewings of some es interviews and documentaries, and an opportunity to donate to the es fund. for more information, anyone can contact robin at griffin987@aol.com.

i just wanted to let everyone know that casey has a new discussion board at elliottsmith.com! another wonderful place to talk about elliott and get to meet fans. so please check out the community by going here. :)

finally thanks to justin for sending us info that larry crane has a nice reflective piece about elliott in the new nov/dec issue of tape op. check you local bookstore or by going to the tapeop.com website. you will also find a post on the tape op message board by larry by going here. (12.10.03)