december 2004

antioch, ca tribute, from a basement honors, an icon & a big thanks!

thanks mason for letting us know that there is going to be an elliott smith tribute on december 28th. here is what mason sent us: december, 28 2004 at the wallace arms 422 west second street, antioch, ca 94509 cost: 5$ benefit show for the elliott smith memorial fund for children that have been victims of abuse. check http://www.sweetadeline.net/esmf.html for more info. w/ ink heart, mason lindahl, water, seesik the sailor, plus special guests, mia and jonah. thanks to everyone who is putting the show on :)

thanks to everyone who took the time to sending us 'from a basement on the hill' mentions from various magazine, websites and other media. here are some more:

rolling stone magazine: top 50 of 2004 and was album of the month for october! (thanks zak)
the sampler: from a basement was rated as the second best album release of 2004 on new zealand's national radio new music show "the sampler" (and most "bitter sweet" release of the year) (thanks to john)
spin magazine: #6 in spin's top 40 (thanks to kristopher)

thanks to erik for sending us this too: just wanted to say that in the latest special edition of mojo, called "icons", they list the top 100 music stars of all time - and elliott is number 83... the magazine can be bought online at this link: http://www.mojo4music.com/html/special_editions.shtml

finally, i just wanted to thank some special people on sweet addy. this year i had to ask for help paying for sweet adeline and people were very sweet to help and raised the amount in hours with an little extra going to the elliott smith memorial fund. so this year, sweet adeline has been paid by other fans like you. so a big thanks to go: james, jim, colin, claire, nathan, jacobus, kevin, justin, brian, aliza, kimberly, jack, eben, laurence, robert, cr, louise & her husband, kristin, katherine, christopher, and jessica! does this mean i have to work harder? hehe :P i also wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season and new years! thanks for all the help in the last year and so. xo charlie

p.s. i hope to do some catch up the next few weekends! sorry to all the the fans waiting for me to post their contributions or get an email from me! (12.23.04)

magnet cover story on elliott, rough trade and cnn reviews book

thanks to matt for posting on sweet addy that magnet magazine's next issue will feature a cover story on elliott for their end of the year issue. magnet's site describes the article as: released a year after his death, from a basement on the hill is an album that’s as complicated, melancholy and beautiful as smith himself. like all important works of art, it raises many questions about his life, death and legacy." the magazine will hit newstands at various times in different locations so keep your eye out on local bookstore/stores that might carry magnet. this marks the 3rd time elliott has appeared on the cover for magnet. it's more than any other magazine! if you can't find the issue or want to make sure you can get a copy, you can order it online here: magnet current issue order form.

thanks to lee for sending this in: i am from britain and just wanted to let you know that faboth (from a basement on the hill) made number 6 in rough trades top 100 albums of the year, the address is - http://www.roughtrade.com

thanks to the person who sent me a link to a recent cnn book review of benjamin nugent's "elliott smith and the big nothing." the article also features a review of a bobby darin book as well. if you would like to read the review, please go to cnn.com. (12.15.04)

#24 nme's recordings of the year, observer, & kimbrough tribute release

thanks to jordan for letting us know that 'from a basement on the hill' has made #24 on nme's recordings of the year for 2004. the list is comprised of the top 50 of the year. if you would like to see what other records were listed along with 'from a basment on the hill,' please go here!

thanks to nick too for letting us know that the observer, a newspaper in london, named 'from a basement on the hill.' one of the albums of the year too! :)

thanks to chris for sending us the info that rolling stone recently reported that elliott would be on the upcoming junior kimbrough tribute record with the blues explosion. elliott played guitar on the song. here is what the rolling stone email said: "the stooges, elliott smith and pete yorn have contributed to a tribute album to blues guitarist junior kimbrough, who died in 1998. out january 11th, the covers record also features the black keys, cat power and spiritualized . . ." the record is called sunday nights: the songs of junior kimbrough and the track is called: "meet me in the city," blues explosion with elliott smith (this track was also released on blues explosion's single, hot gossip). for more info, please go to fatpossum.com. (12.12.04)

ireland tribute show, elliottsmith.com updates with videos, dvd, & mp3s

thanks to paul for sending this: hi there, i organised an elliott smith tribute gig, all the proceeds go to aware (an irish charity that provides support to people suffering from depression) i thought i should let this site know about the gig. its on this friday (10th) december. in the spirit store, a beautiful venue in the north east of ireland. 3 years ago a local artist, was asked to draw "somthing" on a wall upstairs of the spirit store, and she drew a beautiful repeating image of elliott. anyway, all local artists are playing at this event.

casey from elliottsmith.com recently emailed me to let us know that he updated his site with some awesome video from elliott's performance from 2000 at new york's irving plaza. so far there are 6 performances with more to be add later! thanks so much to casey for sharing them. please go to elliottsmith.com to check it out!

thanks to samuel for sending this info in. we did report this earlier that the elliott smith - olympia, washington dvd has been postponed but here is what music video distributors says about it too: unfortunately due to legal reasons, this dvd will not be coming out this year. we hope to release it in 2005, but no release date has been set. we apologize for any inconvenience.

finally, i just wanted to let you know that we are changing out songs in the multimedia section from real audio to mp3s! the quality is better and you might see some new surprises in there too! please be warned there are still some real audio files there. check out the video section too in a couple of days. we will have some more goodies for the broadband users (sorry i don' have smaller files of what i'm posting!) including elliott's performance at the oscars! :) thanks to andrew for the videos and ben, rae, guffsmith, jennifer, alexandra, jim, frank, skot and whoever i am forgetting. special thanks to alexandra for hosting all the files! (12.7.04)