december 2005

new monkey studios site launches, iceland tribute & elliott in magazines

thanks to mollyp for posting on sweetaddy recently that new monkey studios has recently launched their new site, newmonkeystudio.com! if you visit the site you will find a lot information about the studio including the gear they have, location of the studio, list of in house engineers, rates, clients who have used the studio and even some new photos of the studio! in case you wondering what new monkey studios is, it was elliott's studio that was purchased by joel graves and robert cappadona. they have really put a lot of love into fixing and taking care of elliott's former studio in elliott's memory and give other artists the opportunity to record there with all the amazing vintage equipment elliott collected over the years and their own. we hope you can join us to spread the word to all musicians and engineers about the studio to not only encourage them to record at a great place but to also help joel and robert keep the studio for a very long time! anyway please check out the site by going to: newmonkeystudio.com

thanks to andy for letting us know that there is an elliott smith tribute concert in reykjavik, iceland on 12/29. andy also sent a link to an online article from visir.ir about the tribute but sadly i don't know how to read the icelandic language so i can not translate it but if you can read it, please check out the article by going here (sorry i can't give you more info!): elliott smith tribute in iceland

thanks to zack for sending us info about how elliott came in #5 for the top 10 downloads of the year! the honor comes in the december/january double-issue of rolling stone magazine for the recently leaked collection of songs that have been called "basement 2" demos. zack was nice enough to type out they said on page 112:

"the tossed-off beauty of these demos and outtakes suggests that smith had a lot more great music in him. the self-revelatory 'abused' and a wistful take on big star's 'thirteen' are among his most haunting tracks ever."

the article also included a link to elliottsmithbsides.com where can find the demos if you are interested in checking it out.

also, another elliott mention appears in the latest and year end issue of magnet but it is for the upcoming tribute cd, elliott from: portland. the tribute is coming out on february 7, 2006 by expunged records and the tribute is set to feature covers by the decemberists, sean croghan, the thermals, eric matthews, helio sequence, and many more. please, pick up the new issue featuring anthony and the johnsons to read the mention!

have a happy new years! (12.28.05)

trash treasury, es online store, pantheon music prize and thumbsucker dvd

thanks to paul for starting another great elliott site! he recently created trash treasury - elliott smith download hub and forum. there you will find tons of great elliott shows, covers, interviews, demos, rarities and videos to download. the site also includes links to other great elliott sites and also has a message board if you want to meet more fans. if you would like to check it out and start downloading some great stuff, please go to trashtreasury.com. thanks again paul!

thanks to clementine for posting on the elliott smith livejournal community that cinderblock.com has opened an official artist store for elliott smith merchandise and all proceeds will be donated to the elliott smith memorial fund! there you have a chance to buy t-shirts that were only available on the figure 8 tour (and a few shows after the figure 8 tour), self titled lp, cd and vinyl singles, poster, and stickers. it seems all of the merchandise is in limited supplies and i am not sure what the future will entail for the store like if they will be adding new stuff in the future or replinshing what is listed already. i know a lot of fans are always looking for shirts, so here is a chance to get one for yourself or love one! to check out the store please go here: elliott smith : online store

pitchforkmedia recently posted news about a new award to honor artists who had the best new music between july 1, 2004 to october 30, 2005 yet sold under 500,000 records. included in the list of nominees is elliott for 'from a basement on the hill.' copying from pitchfork: "the winning record will be chosen by a panel of 27 entertainers, journalists, and industry types, including ric ocasek of the cars, elton john, ahmir "?uestlove" thompson of the roots, elijah wood, margaret cho (go margaret!!!), shirley manson of garbage, beck, john legend, ben gibbard of death cab for cutie, country superstar keith urban, adam brody and josh schwartz from "the o.c.", and pitchfork's ryan schreiber. that list will be whittled down to 10 finalists, and the winner will be announced at a celebratory concert taking place on february 6 in los angeles." please go to pitchfork for more info!

finally, dvdactive.com recently added information that the thumbsucker, the movie that features elliott's covers of trouble, thirteen and elliott's own song, let's get lost, dvd is scheduled to be released on january 24, 2006. an audio commentry is included with the release and here is to hoping mike mills will talk a little about elliott's contributions to the movie through the commentry. please click on the picture on the left to see a larger version of the cover for the region 1 dvd! for more information, please go to dvdactive.com. (12.10.05)