december 2007

xo & figure 8 vinyl to be reissued, sweet addy posters for sale, elliott prints to be sold at reception for autumn’s book in portland, autumn video + more & ask charlie a ? returns!

thanks to calvinlaporte from sweetaddy for posting wonderful info about a new reissue of elliott's xo and figure 8 records. calvinlaporte posted 2 links to musicdirect.com that list both vinyl versions of the records for sale with a february 8, 2008 release date. both records will be 180 gram vinyl lps with xo only having one lp while figure 8 is collected on 2 lps. it is kinda unclear who is repressing these records. bong load records originally pressed the first copies when the albums came out and eventually they became out of print and have been sought ever since at a premium. musicdirect lists the manufacter/label as domestic lp. i am unsure if they are the actual label or not. my research shows elusivedisc.com also comfirms a release of both represses but has a different release date, february 19, 2008. yay! this is great news for fans who have been looking for the vinyl versions for a reasonable price! if you are interested in ordering either record or both, please check out these links: xo at musicdirect.com & figure 8 at musicdirect.com. thanks to whomever is rerelasing the records :)

thanks to stee for letting us know that the official sweet addy t-shirt 2007 design is now for sale in poster form! originally a few months ago, stee and jinp6301 from sweet addy set out to have a fun design contest that let members of the board create a design that would be used to create a sweet addy shirt. the design was voted by other members and was set to become a shirt but things didn't work out for a shirt but instead of scraping it all together, they were able to create a poster of the design. the design was created by dr.hibbert from the board and it comes from the image that was used on the back of elliott's either/or record. the posters are are individually numbered 180gsm shinny a2 prints and if you click on the picture of it on the left, you can get a good idea of how it looks on the wall! the great thing is that proceeds that come from sales of the posters will be donated to charity! if you are interested in getting one, please check out this thread at sweet addy or follow these instructions and thanks to everyone involved for doing this!:

"so, guys, specifically, here's what you should do. send the cost of postage (the postage cost in the uk is £3.50 and in the us $7, europe £4. rest of world ask) + any old donation to my paypal (writingonthestreets@gmail.com). and in the notes section give your address, or the address of your school / sports club / penal facility, or whatever location for me to send it care-of. i will then get it in the post. don't wait forever though!" stee's email is stee.docherty@gmail.com if you have any questions!

thanks to jen for updating us about the opening reception for autumn de wilde's book, elliott smith, in portland on january 3, 2008 with the new information that prints featured in the book and that will be exhibited at powell's will be for sale and that a portion of the sales will be donated to free arts for abused children and outside in. here is jen with more info:

some of you have expressed an interest in attending the opening artist reception for autumn’s book, elliott smith. the event will take place on thursday, jan. 3rd at powell’s books in portland, or, from 7-10pm. the basil hallward gallery on the top floor of powell’s, will be exhibiting prints from the book. the prints will be on display through early feb. and for sale, with a portion of sales going to the free arts for abused children and outside in organizations.

thanks to nick from by osmosis t.v. for sending us a link to a short video piece he did with autumn talking about the release of her book, elliott smith. it's a really cool video and if you are interested in checking it out, please go here: epk: autumn de wilde - elliott smith

john was nice to share his blog about autumn's book too on uncut. there are some nice thoughts and if you are interested in reading it, please go to: a book, a live cd and a rant about elliott smith

finally, i wanted to thank aaron for creating a new forum for us to host the 'ask charlie a ?' area. i tried to do it on my own but it got super spammed. but this area of sweet adeline is used to help answer frequently asked questions and any other questions about elliott as best as i can in a public forum. i don't have all the answers but i am willing to try to help if i can. all you have to do is register with blamonet (they host sweet addy too, the official discussion board for sweet adeline) to ask a question. registering prevents the spam :P anyway please come by and check it out by going here: ask charlie a ? (12.7.07)