february 2002

es.net returns and giveaway winners

whoo hoo! elliottsmith.net is back up on the net. thanks to sara for posting the info on 'ask rebekah a question' area! there isn't any updates on the site but at least it's still around. also now you can get to the es.net discussion board easier. but if you want to say hi to all the great people who found and stuck around on the board while it was down, please go here. thanks to rae too :)

i picked the winners for the recent giveaway. congrats to them, but if you didn't win, you'll for sure have another chance someday! thank you again for all the kind things that most of you said. i'm truly thankful! sorry i can't email you all back..so many hehe. i have to say you guys are too versed in elliott. i have to make the questions harder next time! well here they are:

colin p., durham, nh
brandon t., bellevue, wa
andrew s., lawerence, ks
michael m., cestnut hill, ma

the answers to the questions are: true love, needle in the hay, george harrison, isolation drills, and son of sam. (2.24.02)

tribute on les inrocks and elvis and elliott?

thank you to jean-luc and lena for sending me this link to a news item on lesinrocks.com about the upcoming elliott smith tribute record. im sorry i don't understand what it says but i think it talks about the sweet addy board is making a double cd elliott smith tribute record and includes a link to jean-luc's bottle up and explode! tribute site. if you want more info about the tribute cd, go here or check the sweet addy discussion board for updates!

thanks to edison mars for sending this funny link. elliott once told this funny story about elvis during show if you go here you'll hear the story and little elvis too help complete the story :)

just to let to you know, i'll be picking the giveaway winners at the end of the week. also i hope to email people back too. thanks so much for all the wonderful things everyone said about sweet adeline. im very thankful! :) (2.19.02)

the maroons, no. 2 and a giveaway!

thanks to alex from in music we trust for sending this info. first it looks like in music we trust will be releasing no.2's next record. no. 2 features neil gust and pauly (who has toured with elliott on the drums). neil was also a founding member of heatmiser with elliott. hopefully we'll get more info as soon as it comes out! alex also sent this: the maroons, fronted by john moen (whom is the drummer for stephen malkmus, and drummed for elliott smith on saturday night live, as well as for heatmiser their last year), have released a new record on in music we trust (http://www.inmusicwetrust.com). you can get free mp3s at http://www.inmusicwetrust.com/label/themaroons.html or buy their new cd at http://www.cdbaby.com/themaroons.

since its been quiet news wise lately, how about a giveaway? below are 5 questions. just send the answers and your name, mailing address, which prize you would prefer and email all of it to: charlie@sweetaddy.com. if you do not include all this info, your entry will not count. 1 per person. what do you win if you get them all right? you get to choose either a sweet adeline t-shirt (sorry no large! (if you wear medium, an official elliott smith tshirt. i only have one)) or the rare a brief history promo cd (i know i have to get new prizes! sorry!) here are the questions and good luck! updated: people who follow the entry rules and get the ?s right are entered into a drawing for the prizes. sorry i forgot to add this part! i also forgot to add, if you are one of the winners (3 of them), you get a elliott car sticker too that i made. :)

1. which unreleased elliott song contains these lyrics: 'true love man just can't be beat '

2. what elliott smith song is featured in the movie, the royal tenenbaums?

3. elliott likes covering "give me love (give me peace on earth)" at shows but who originally wrote and recorded this song?

4. which guided by voices record did elliott guest appear on?

5. what elliott smith video shows elliott chasing after a red balloon? (2.13.02)

still working on the new record and mary lou

thanks to tyler for sending this message that elliott's manager posted (1.30.02) on his site's discussion board concerning the recent pitchfork story and what elliott is up to:

pitchfork media had a story a few days ago about elliott being dropped from dreamworks. that is untrue, as well as all the other purposefully hurtful comments they made. elliott is currently recording his new album (with no money from dreamworks) to be released on an undecided independent label.
- scott booker

also thanks to megan for letting me know that rubric records has now released mary lou lord's 'live city sounds' and it features a cover by mary lou doing heatmiser's 'not half right' from mic city sons. mary lou hereself had released the record a few months before but now it's easier to find and get if you are interested. please go here to order the cd and go to carsten's great mary lou lord site to get more information about here! (2.4.02)