february 2003

new nme review and new releases by friends

thanks to chris for letting us know that this week's issue of nme, with members of coldplay and oasis on the cover, has a review of one of elliott's shows at the henry ford theatre. the issue is out now and here is what else is in the issue.

finally, 2 of elliott's friends have records coming out soon. even though elliott isn't contributing to the records, they are for sure worth checking out.

first is by alaska! which some might have seen open for elliott at the end of 2001. it is also rumored that russ pollard will be taking over on bass when elliott plans to tour again with a band. also, david mcconnell contributed to the record too (he is helping elliott on elliott's new record too). alaska!'s new record is called 'emotions' and if you want to check out their website, please go here. if you want to order the cd online, please go to the b-girl records site.

another release is by sam coomes, who is also in quasi and has toured with elliott on bass on many tours. he also played with elliott in heatmiser and has contributed to elliott's music. the new side project is the 'blues goblins' and that's the name of the record too. if you are interested in more info about that record, please go to off records. (2.20.03)

no benefit, elliott smith show reviews and more!

thanks to laurence for checking out the the echo's site concerning the rumored los angeles show because the site no longer has any hints that elliott might play. originally the site said "...our favorite sensitive singer-songwriter who "everybody knows, everybody understands," was to play but it seems like now there is a lineup and elliott is not listed or there is no clues like before. but if you want to check out who is playing, please go here.

yay! janice is wanting to update her site and is looking for reviews from the recent shows elliott did! so please keep on sending her your past and recent reviews! to check out elliott smith show reviews, please go here!

here are some links that i got behind on!

thanks to hightower for sending this link of pictures by his friend mike vorrasi who took some pictures of elliott at the recent nyc with jsbx. go here to check it out.

thanks to hightower for also posting this small review of the secret show in nyc from the village voice. please go here to check out and its the second story down.

christa also took pictures of elliott at the lit in ny! go here to check them out. thanks christa.

sorry everyone i need to email. hopefully ill be able to catch up this weekend? prays... sorry! (2.13.03)

l.a. shows and a nyc review

i just came back from 2 wonderful elliott shows at the henry fonda theatre in los angeles (in my opinion anyway). again, elliott played some super rare songs and even debuted another brand new song called, 'stickman' (was on the list that hellfire ltd. posted) at the saturday show. here are a few more highlights: played 'king's crossing' (which some fans might know as no. name 7 on the site), had drums on a few songs (sorry i forgot the drummer's name but he has toured, on guitar, with modest mouse and ugly cassenova, not brock), an acoustic version of brand new game, an oasis cover of supersonic, and heatmiser's antonio carlos jobim! anyway elliott's setlists have been great so here is more info about them:

friday night: king's crossing, memory lane, happiness, no confidence man, passing feeling, i figured you out, fond farewell, strung out again, somebody's baby, with drums: coming up roses, a distotred reality is now a necessity to be free, pretty (ugly before) w/singers, no drums: plainclothes man, long long long, with drums: no name #1, division day, i don't think i'm ever going to figure it out (stopped), i better be quiet now, say yes, brand new game, shooting star

saturday night: king's crossing, fond farewell, say yes, strung out again, stickman, memory lane, alameda (stopped but finished), with drums: pitseleh (stopped), christian brothers, a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free, supersonic (oasis), independence day, the enemy is you, no drums: angeles, between the bars, antonio carlos jobim, with drums: coming up roses, st. ides heaven, with drums: miss misery, division day, no drums: not half right

so yeah they were great shows :)

thanks to fred for letting us know on sweet addy, that there is review of the recent nyc on jan. 25th at billboard.com. to check it out, please go here.

sorry to everyone i haven't had a chance to email yet because of my trip. hopefully ill be able to email you all back soon and add some new stuff like lyrics. thanks for your patience. (2.2.03)