february 2005

either/or: a celebration, ep on itunes, & a tribute to elliott smith

thanks to frank, charlesb, and nathan for sending us information that the cat's cradle in chapel hill, nc is going to have a big tribute to elliott called, either/or: a celebration of the music & life of elliott smith. the tribute is on friday, february 25th at 8:00pm(doors)/9:00pm(show). the show so far features: chris stamey, kaia wilson, ivan rosebud from the rosebuds, erie choir, street green, billy sugarfix, fan modine, the feeble hex, hotel lights, ben davis & more... frank, who owns the cat's cradle was nice enough to send more info too: "we'll show a couple of videos between bands ( so far, I have lucky three and strange parallel lined up) and incorporate a slide show with images from elliott's records and other sources while the performances are taking place. we are also bringing in some local light people who do a psychedelic light show! most of the money from ticket sales will be sent to the es memorial fund." if you would like to get more information/ipdates about the concert, please check out the cat's cradle official site by going here: http://www.catscradle.com/schedule.html (p.s. fun fact that ashley told frank: either/or came out 8 years ago to the day of the upcoming concert: 2.25.97)

thanks to matt for sending this about a new elliott ep on itunes: "kill rock stars released elliott's "speed trials" ep on itunes today. features the excellent b-side "i don't think i'm ever gonna figure it out." this marks the first time 'i don't think i'm ever gonna figure it out' has been officially released on a digital format. previously, the single was only available on the krs 7" release. if you would like more infomation, please download itunes and search for elliott smith.

thanks to dave and everyone involved for also letting us know that his record label, double d records, will be releasing a new tribute record called, tribute to elliott smith. this record will be an officially licensed and authorized tribute and a portion of all proceeds will benefit the elliott smith memorial fund. this record features bands from the usa, japan, germany and the uk. here is dave with more info: "a tribute to elliott smith" will be released by the end of February, and will be available at doubledrecords.com - amazon.com - cdbaby.com - a selection of legal download services - and select independent record stores across the world. we are in the process of pursuing a national distribution deal at this time." for more information and to see the album cover, please go here: doubledrecords.com. (2.9.05)