february 2006

to:elliott from:portland out now, 2 new elliott shirts and state of the site!

thanks to anthony and alex for reminding me that the new elliott tribute cd, to: elliott from: portland is in stores now! the tribute came out yesterday (2.7.06)! insound.com describes as: ten percent of the net proceeds of this tribute album will be donated to the elliott smith foundation’s charity, “free arts for abused children”. the album features liner notes from those who knew and loved elliott smith. it was mastered by tony lash, elliott’s former heatmiser bandmate. features tracks by the decemberists (”clementine”), helio sequence (”satellite”), the thermals (”ballad of big nothing”), swords (”i didn’t understand”), dolorean (”the biggest lie”), and sean croghan (”high times”) among others.

alex also sent word that the tribute record has had a great start on radio. here is some of what he sent: “to: elliott from: portland”… had a stunning debut at radio last week (lat week on january). the #9 most added title on cmj as well as the #7 most added at commercial alternative specialty radio (ahead of oceansize, she wants revenge, clap your hands say yeah, and robert pollard, to name a few), stations have jumped aboard the tribute record, showing it tremendous support. key stations including kcrw, who played it on their world-famous “morning becomes eclectic” show, indie 103.1 in los angeles, kndd in seattle, kexp in seattle, wfnx in boston, knrk in portland, and others have began playing it regularly.

yay! cinderblock has added 2 new shirts to the official elliott smith store! actually one is a brand new design (snow) while the other is a girl’s tee version of the home design that was released last month! the new shirt is brown and features the snow design and autumn dewilde’s lettering of elliott’s name from the record, ‘from a besment on the hill’, placed sideways towards the bottom right side of the shirt. this is the second new design of an official t-shirt since elliott’s tour in 2000. the shirts run at $16.00 plus taxes, shipping and other fees, but please note that all proceeds will be donated to the elliott smith memorial fund! click on the picture for a larger look! (still working on link colors and how they show up on the site, please scroll down for a link to the store!)

finally, as you probably can guess, this is the new design for sweet adeline! i hope you like it. i’m sorry there isn’t more information on it yet. i thought i would be able to create the site somewhere else and then just add it here or just move servers but it didn’t work out that way so more than a month’s worth of work went down the drain including the help i got from my friend alex! i jsut wanted to thank her for taking the time to try and help me. i beg you to please be patient and understanding. i can’t tell you when certain pages will be done but you are more than welcome to go to archive.org to access the old site if you need something right away. the link to the site will be below. well i probably should say more but i need to get to work and begin the begin so enjoy it as things come together! thanks so much! xo charlie

to buy to: elliott from: portland from insound go here: http://search.insound.com/search/showrelease.jsp?p=INS28525
go to the official elliott smith store by going here: http://www.cinderblock.com/wc.dll?Webstore~gCatalog~ELI
go to the archive of the old sweet adeline site: http://web.archive.org/web/20050401035128/http://www.sweetadeline.net/