february 2008

pictures of me: rare photographs of elliott smith at noise pop san francisco and xo & figure 8 reissues in color now sold out & iphone ringtones!

thank you to russ for sending us info via the elliott smith myspace page about the upcoming elliott smith photo exhibit, 'pictures of me: rare photographs of elliott smith by autumn de wilde.' the exhibition will be a part of san francisco's noise pop festival and will be held at queen’s nails annex (3191 mission street, san francisco, ca.). an opening reception will be on thursday, feb 28th, from 7 to 11 pm. then, the exhibition will be open from friday the 29th until sunday march 2nd, from 12 – 6 pm. it looks like there will be limited edition prints available for sale as well and i think autumn is going to be there for the opening reception for the show! for more information you can check out the upcoming page at the queen's nail annex or visit the listing at the noise pop site. please check autumn's site too at: autumndewilde.com

thanks to everyone for helping to sell out the limited editions of the xo and figure 8 on color vinyl that aural exploits were selling. those versions are no longer available but you can still get the 180 gram black vinyl versions if you are interested at aural exploits as well. if you are interested in ordering either (or both) 180 gram black vinyl versions of xo or figure 8, please go here: auralexploits.com

finally, for all the iphone fans out there, itunes recently added the chance to create ringtones out of songs from 'from a basement on the hill.' previously, fans were able to create ringtones out of songs from 'roman candle,' and individual songs, 'some song' and 'a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free.' now you are able to download and song and pick the spot you want your ringtone to start and end. i think it is $1.98 to download a song and create the ringtone all together. please check out the itunes store link in your personal itunes and search for elliott smith! (2.12.08)

xo & figure 8 reissues in color, new elliott smith site, baby britain video on itunes, autumn podcast and the official elliott smith store

thank you to joesph for taking the time to send this really cool email: "just wanted to give you a heads up that aural exploits (auralexploits.com) will have an exclusive color of each of upcoming xo & figure 8 reissues... of just 500 each. if you swing over to the website, steve of aural exploits just added it today on the front page which includes a pre-order." the vinyl color for xo is white while figure 8 includes 2 vinyl lps, one in blue and one in red. these special editions are only available from aural exploits and the projected release date for the lps is mid-february. figure 8 is listed at $20.95 plus fees and xo is listed for $16.95 plus fees. since both records are limited to 500 each, i highly recommend you buy one of each as soon as possible! if you are interested in getting either or both of the records, please go to: auralexploits.com

thanks to ryan for creating a really awesome and new site about elliott's non-album tracks. the new site is called 'the unofficial guide to elliott smith non-album tracks' and it features information about songs that do not appear on elliott's full length records from 'roman candle' to 'from a basement on the hill.' each song includes detailed information and is a really great resource that collects info from different sources. the site also includes documents about the information that has been gathered and some frequently asked questions about elliott's non album tracks. the site also includes links and contact info for ryan if you have comments, suggestions, questions or want to contribute. anyway if you are interested in checking out ryan's site, please go to: the unofficial guide to elliott smith non-album tracks

mike was kind enough to send us info that itunes recently added elliott's video for baby britain. the video is by steve hanft and it uses footage from steve's work on his short film about elliott, 'strange parallel,' including footage that was not in the film. like the recently added video for son of sam, the quality of the video is really great and is now the 3rd video of elliott's in digital format. the music video is selling for $1.49. if you are interested in downloading the video and you have itunes, please follow this link: baby britain video

chronicle books recently added a podcast to it's site that included autumn talking about a couple of photos in the book including the shot that was used for the figure 8 cover. she has some nice thoughts about elliott as well and talks about the motivation in creating her wonderful book photo, elliott smith. the episode that the interview appears on is #39 and runs about 5 minutes. if you are interested in checking out the interview, please click on this link: podcast 39 at chronicle books.

finally, thank you to chuck from cinderblock for updating us about a new url for the official elliott smith store. i just wanted to help fans be aware of the new link for anyone who has the store bookmarked and hopefully spread the word again that the store exists. the new url is: www.cinderblock.com/bands/index.aspx?site=eli. the store features elliott smith t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, cds and the recently added book 'elliott smith' by autumn de wilde. the best thing about buying from the official store is that proceeds will be donated to the elliott smith memorial fund! so any help would be awesome. xo (2.1.08)