january 2002

hellfire, steven drozd and posters!

thanks to maisie for sending letting me know that the hellfire management site mentions that it looks like the new elliott record might be coming out "towards the middle of the year." so look for a summer release! hellfire enterprises ltd. is elliott's new manager's, scott booker, site. since elliottsmith.net is down for now, hellfire is the place to go for official news on elliott. there is a little section dedicated to elliott and includes a free download of elliott's our thing and some other stuff including a little link to here :) anyway check out the 'brushes with fame' page. there is a pic of elliott with steven drozd from the flaming lips (who scott manages too)

speaking of steven drozd and a summer release. thanks to gae for sending this: i've just read on the italian music magazine "blow-up" that the new elliott smith lp will be out on summer and steven drozd of the flaming lips plays the drums on a few tracks.

finally thanks to stefanie for sending us info that there is a limited supply of elliott smith either/or posters on sale at buyolympia.com. buy them as soon as possible because they do sell out. anyway go here for more info! (1.30.02)

new london date

thanks to fred for sending this info about how he called up the royal festival hall concerning the recent show that was postponed: good news - i just rang the royal festival hall and a new date has been announced. july 11. they said ticket holders are going to have to exchange their old tickets for new ones.

please call the royal feastival hall for more info! (1.27.02)

pitchfork rumors and bottle up & explode!

thanks to jake, grahame, ziggy, and dave for taking the time send me to 'news bit' from pitchfork concerning the rumor of being dropped by dreamworks and other junk. before sending you to check out what they said, i want to point out that even pitchfork is saying these reports are rumors. its really hard for me to address rumors like this especially when they are negative/bad and nobody's business, but i hope everyone realizes that these are just rumors and not the word. last i heard, elliott is still on dreamworks, not on anything, and the record is almost done (2 songs left to record). those are my rumors :) well here is the link to pitchfork.

now to something really awesome and positive. thanks to jean-luc, from the sweet addy discussion list and es.net, for sending me this link. in case you havent heard, elliott smith tribute cd #3 is coming out and jean-luc gave us a big preview of a cover he did with other elliott smith fans. its basically a few fans via the phone and other means coming together to sing bottle up & explode! for the tribute. jean-luc created a great page giving the low down how this song came together and detailed view who is who and all that. anyway go here to check the song and the page out! (1.23.02)

nme reports about the london show and an amos update

thanks to fred for also telling me about the recent article on nme.com which talks a little about why the show is postponed through a statement by elliott's management. go here for more info!

also thanks to david from wishing well for emailing me back for an update on the upcoming the amos collection, vol II. david says this: unfortunately, the amos house collection, vol II will not be in stores until april 16th. the good news is that it will be available on our website in late february. (1.18.02)

rfh mojo 100th postponed + jsbx

thanks to fred for sending word that it looks like elliott's show at the royal festival hall has been postponed until a later date. no word what the new date will be, but please go to the official rfh mojo 100th website for updates on the rescheduled date..and here too!

also thanks to brad for adding additional about elliott's appreance on the new jon spencer blues explosion: he's doing backup vocals on one song for the blues explosion album (1.16.02)

a picture plus more!

thanks to silke for sending this link to the official goldenboy site and to a picture of elliott and goldenboy's david mcconnell to the list. as you might of heard, david is helping elliott with elliott's new record. please go here to check it out.

thanks to fred for letting me know that there is a review of the reissue box set (which is now out of print) and a pic in this months q magazine. also fred says there is a brief mention of elliott in a little article about largo in the same issue.

also thanks to drumloops from the sweet addy board for posting info that it looks like elliott is going guest on the next jon spencer blues explosion. no word what elliott is doing or when the record is out, but please go here to check out the article at billboard.com. (1.12.02)

new record to be on an indie and a sf review?!

thanks to kirk and hank for taking the time to send this link from rolling stone. briefly, the article talks about how it looks like elliott is going to release the new record through an indie label! :) no additional at this time to which label, but it still looks like elliott is still planning for a spring release (prays). please check out the whole article by going here!

also thanks to abha for taking the time to send me this link to a review of the recent dec 17th show in san francisco. the review is on magnet magazine's site and here is a direct link to the article since its framed. but check out magnet's site by going here. (1.4.01)

thank you rebekah, we love you!

if you look to the right of the site under daily features you hopefully will see a link to one of my favorite things on this site, ask rebekah a question. rebekah, a while ago (she is old school!), was so kind to offer to help me with the site so we made ask rebekah a question area to help answer questions elliott fans had related to elliott. it was a huge help to me and im sure to a lot of elliott fans. sadly rebekah wont be able to do it anymore and im really sad to see her go. she is a huge part of what the site is and the love we try to show when it comes to elliott and elliott's fans. i cant express how thankful im am for her kindness and time. she is still going to be around since she is a regular at es.net and sweet addy, but i just wanted give her love :) thank you again rebekah and ill miss ya!

i'll be answering questions there even though i wont give it justice compared to her. eventually it will be ask charlie a question, but for right now its so hard to change! (1.3.01)

happy new years and catching up!

hi everyone. sorry its taken forever to update the site with info about the portland and seattle shows. anyway before doing that i wish you all a happy new years (i wish myself one too :) ). well here is some info about the past shows:

thanks to kara lee for posting on the sweet addy board the setlist for the portland show. here it is: get lost, don't go down, passing feeling, strung out again, shooting star, say yes, true love, give me love (give me peace on earth), christian brothers, i'm doing ok, pretty good, between the bars, waltz #2 (xo), somebody's baby (with russ), division day, miss misery (just a bit), the biggest lie, independence day, friends (led zep. . .russ and sam joined in)

the big surprise from the portland and seattle setlist is the inclusion of i'm doing ok, pretty good. its an older song and shows up on a couple bootlegs. awesome song :)

thanks to gary, jesse, kelly and duglas for taking the time to write about the seattle show. the general feeling from the emails that elliott had a bad night that day. i know a lot of people have thoughts about the show. all i can say hopefully it will be a better experience for some next time. anyway here is the setlist for the show thanks to christopher who posted it on the elliott smith yahoo group:

shooting star, between the bars, little one, waltz #2 (xo), pretty (ugly before), fond farewell (unfinished), speed trials (aborted after less than 10 secs), independence day (unfinished, audience participation), division day (unfinished), somebody's baby (with russ from alaska, unfinished), friends (with both members of alaska and unfinished), angeles(audience participation), say yes (audience participation), then alaska came out and the one who isn't russ (didn't catch his name) played out on the weekend by neil young (thanks gary!), a cover that someone else will probably know), im doing ok pretty good, needle in the hay (unfinished), give me love (with alaska, unfinished but he got most of the way through)

thanks to cory for following up to let me know that the royal tennebaums soundtrack is out now with a mispelling of elliott's name on the back cover. it finally confirms that a cover of hey jude is not on it, but needle in the hay is on it and featured in the movie

finally here is just a little more info about russ (elliott's new bassist and alaska member) in case some of you reconize him. thanks to patrick for sending it: russ pollard of sebadoh and now folk implosion (1.1.02)