january 2004

san francisco, richmond, va and new york tributes, magazines and a bio

thanks to kim, matthew, sean and everyone who are involved setting up the tributes in elliott's memory. don't forget to join the elliott smith memorial fund mailing list for update on future tributes as well.we will be adding more info aboout them as well. here is more info about them and plus some news below:

san francisco : in case you want to know we're doing a tribute show january 29th 2004 at tongue and groove in san francisco, ca. more info to be up on my website soon. for more information, you can email kim here: kim@redpantsproductions.com (thanks to kim)

richmond, va : When: Sat, Feb 28th, 8-2. Where: Mojo's (holds 200 people, right near the VCU campus), 733 W. Cary St., Richmond, Virginia, http://www.mojotogo.com/mojomap.gif. Cover: TBD. Acts: TBD. points of note.... the stage/venue is not as big as the Ottobar in Baltimore. I will most likely be supplying the PA along with bits and pieces from friends. I truly think it may be tough to do a full band setup in this venue based on PA and stage size concerns. I'd still love to have bands, would those interested in doing more of an unplugged type of set without a full kit? Just wondering. Anyways, lots more details to follow. I'm especially looking for people willing to promote in Baltimore, DC, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill (and anywhere else if you can think. I will handle Richmond (radio, print, etc..). If you have any interest at all in being a part of this (playing, publicizing, sound, photo, film, merch booth), please contact me at sfwinter@hotmail.com. thanks to Anjy and Candy for the support in getting this rolling!!! We have 6 weeks now to make this amazing. All proceeds of course will go to the charity, and the venue is giving us 100% of the door! (thanks to sean)

new york: Hi...he may have notified the site already, but I'm just making sure the news is out there. On February 5th in New York City, there will be an Elliott Smith tribute concert...small venue called Sidewalk Cafe, organized by a man named Matthew Glasson who will be performing with a little help from his friends. The Sidewalk Cafe is located on Ave. A in the East Village, I believe the address is 94 Ave. A, on the corner of 6th St. The concert is 10 PM. FREE ($5 suggested donation), All proceeds will be diverted to the ES Memorial Fund set up to help abused children through artistic expression. (thanks to jen and david)

speaking of the elliott smith memorial fund, cole sent a little note saying there is still posters from the elliott smith memorial show are still available. procceeds have been going to the fund. go to option-g.com to order one.

thanks to lauren for sending this: i just wanted to let you know that issue #62 of magnet magazine (Feb/Mar 2004) will have an article - their website says the article is "producer Rob Schnapf remembers Elliott Smith."

spin magazine also has a 4 page article on elliott that recently came out with members of various bands on the cover that included the darkness, interpool, thursday and so on. thanks to sean and candy for posting that info on the board.

thanks to daniel, bill, domenique, rachel and michael for sending me info about a book that former time entertainment reporter, benjamin nugent, is working on. it is a biography about elliott called, 'elliott smith and the big nothing.' the book is scheduled to be out in october 2004. (1.22.04)

atlanta, indianapolis and dublin, ireland tribute shows and the recent news

thanks to joel, jaclyn and for sending in info about a couple of tribute shows they are settling up or heard about in elliott's honor. there is more to come too! if you sent info in about an upcoming tribute, i plan to post them closer to the show dates so everyone can see and they won't get lost. also please check the shows page. again thanks to the organizers for doing this. anyway here they are, including a little word about recent information that came out below:

atlanta: the atlanta elliott smith benefit/tribute concert is all set to take place on saturday, january 17th at the earl in east atlanta. the doors will open at 9 p.m. admission to the show is $8 and all the proceeds will be going to the elliott smith memorial fund. the show will feature a great collection of musicians paying tribute to elliott with their renditions of his songs. for more information on the lineup / times / etc. go to www.badearl.com - also any questions please email joelatlanta@yahoo.com. (thanks to joel)

dublin: just thought you might like to let irish elliott fans know that there’s gonna be a tribute show in the village (www.thevillagevenue.com) in dublin on monday 19th january. tickets are available at the door, price €15 and all proceeds go to the elliott smith memorial fund. (thanks to bernice)

indianapolis: elliott smith tribute show - thursday jan. 22nd. the patio, 6308 n. guilford ave, indianapolis, in (in the broadripple village) doors 9pm / show 10pm. performances by thieves, cory hall, blueprintmusic and a few single song performances by others. for more information contact jaclyn ---> jirose@iupui.edu. (thanks to jaclyn)

finally, i just wanted to acknowledge the recent public documents on a website and its information in an article. sorry, i know it is public information but i'm choosing not to post any links to either or post any info on sweet adeline about it. i understand information can help in some way but i feel it is too personal to post here. i respect elliott's and his family's privacy and i choose not to make it public here. if you need to see this, i'm sure you will be able to find it. i'm sorry and thank you to everyone who sent in information about it. (1.9.04)

elliott smith memorial fund/free arts for abused children info from ashley!

"Hello everyone. Ashley here. After over two months of trying to figure out how to best get the money that everyone has raised and sent in, (and is continuing to raise and send in,) to abused children, we've come to a conclusion. We were initially trying to set up our own not-for-profit entity for abused children, but after speaking with lots of lawyers and accountants, the costs and time involved would have cut what we've raised so far nearly in half, and it wouldn't have gotten going for probably around a year. We had to rethink things a little, but I think we've reached a really good way to handle everything. I'm really excited about it, and I don't think we could have found a better fit for what Elliott would have had in mind.

We've decided to link up with an existing not-for-profit foundation dedicated ENTIRELY to helping abused kids. The coolest part is that the way they help the kids is through ART. The healing powers of art. The foundation is called "Free Arts for Abused Children". You can check out their website at www.freearts.org.

What they do is organize teams of volunteers to go out where the abused kids are, (group homes, foster homes, wards of the state, etc.) and fund art programs in all different kinds of ways. They deal not only with music but also drawing, painting, dancing, poetry, writing, etc. This is a national organization, and their home base is Los Angeles, but they have affiliate organizations (which will benefit from our donations too) in many cities, including New York and Portland, where Elliott also lived. I like that about it a lot.

I think that this is something Elliott really would have got behind. He left us all with his desire to help abused kids, but as for HOW to do that, we were sortof left guessing. In my opinion, this fits with his life in two ways- first of all, he was a very artistic individual. He was obviously a professional musician, but he could also draw and paint way better than most. His lyrics, in essence, are poetry, and as for the dancing, well, I've never seen a better moonwalk except for MJ himself. Second, I think his own music did and does just what this organization does- heals through art. So many people have written that Elliott's music got them through a rough breakup or a sad time in their lives, or comforted them in just about any situation. It makes a lot of us feel a little less alone, during both good and bad times. That's why this organization seems to be such a good fit. It's sole purpose is to help abused kids, which is what Elliott wanted, and it's means to doing that is through art, which is what Elliott lived and breathed.

Incoming checks should still be written out to the "Elliott Smith Memorial Fund". (Actually, if you'd like to help me out a little, write "Elliott Smith Memorial Fund/Free Arts".) Either way is fine. It needs to have the ESMF reference on there, so they can track where this money is coming from and hopefully how it's getting used.

I know that there are some checks on their way from recent benefit shows in Boston and Baltimore, and more from individuals trickle in everyday. So far a rough guess as to how much we've raised is about $23,000. More, (hopefully a lot more!) will be coming in from various sources in the future. Several of you have written in wondering about the fund and mentioning that you'd try to keep on raising money. Elliott would be so proud of everyone. We can just keep on donating to this fund indefinitely. Unfortunately there's way too many kids who've been abused out there, and the need to help them is not going to go away.

If you want updates on what's going on with the fund, please head to the newly established information group, found here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/esmemorialfund

Those of you who have sent in checks and cash can be expecting a thank you card from me in the mail soon, and also an acknowledgement from the not-for-profit organization Free Arts for Abused Children, so that you can have documentation for having donated money. (for tax purposes.) Sorry that we sat on your checks
for so long- it took a long time to get things settled but I feel good about how things are going now.

Thank you for everything, and take care of yourselves.

Ashley (1.5.03)

fund update from ashley :)

Hello everyone. Ashley here. I've got another update on the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund. It seems as though we're very close to having everything figured out, and I've been compiling everyone's checks and cash to get ready to deposit. Stay tuned to Charlie's (amazing) site to get the developments.

I'm going to list below people's initials and the town they're from that I've received money from. If you do not see your initials and town on there, you may want to check to see where you sent the check, because so far I haven't gotten it. Also, a few of you wrote the checks out to the "Elliott Smith Foundation", and I MAY have to return those to you in the hopes that you will send a new one made out to the "Elliott Smith Memorial Fund". I'm not sure, yet, though, so hang tight. Okay, here goes, and thanks so much from everyone who has given, or sent notes, or just even thought about it. It means a ton to me and it will mean even more to the abused kids that benefit.

Here are the people who may need to send another check written out to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund:
PRD from Jericho
CCP from Jericho
PLS from Burlington
CAR from Great Falls
AP & LP from Brooklyn

The following checks are good to go:
OSB from Concord
our own CR from Salinas!
JWB from Memphis
JV from Troy
SCC the third from Louisville
JMS from Medford
BM from West Linn
Last Affair from NY
JAT from Brooklyn
SM from Kent
GLW from Salt Lake City
LN from Los Angeles
CLA from Arcata
BJM from St. Louis Park
"fans in Lancaster, PA"
SW from Ridgewood
VD from Pacific Palisades
TH from Los Angeles
MM from Covina
CAA from Fairhope
PRS from N. Weymouth
JM from Staten Island
HW from Mt. Sinai
MH from Ramsey (actually from "D")
JR from Worchester
Lunalux, from Minneapolis (for JG)

There's also been a ton donated from the benefit show here in LA, and will be checks coming in from the Baltimore and Boston benefits. (thanks Mary Lou, Candy, and Anjy, among many others!)

More and more checks trickle in all the time. Hopefully I will be able to keep up posting who's sent money in, but don't hold me to that. It gets pretty crazy trying to keep up on everything around here. Plus, poor Charlie's probably ready to cut me off soon for posting so many updates! :) Anyway, thanks so much to everyone. Take care, Ashley. (1.3.03)

the investigation, baltimore tribute, and blender

as many of you know, the investigation in elliott's death is still ongoing and i wanted to acknowledge that many new sources recently had news about recent unconclusive findings like here at cnn. many of you have wrote in to let me know about it and the various sources reporting about it, so thank you for letting me know. i hope you understand i won't be able to write back to thank you personally since there were many. sorry, i just don't know what else to say :(

thanks to candy and anjy for putting on the balitmore tribute. there are some wonderful threads about it and some with pictures of it at the sweet addy elliott smith memorial board. there are some (15) xl tribute t-shirts for sale as well if you are interested and all proceeds go to the elliott smith memorial fund. also you will find info about the recent boston memorial show as well.

also i wanted to acknowledge an upcoming article in blender because i might get some emails concerning it too. some might know already, the piece isn't the most positve thing written about elliott so sorry if im not mentioning much about it. anyway thanks to jude for sending info about it. (1.2.03)