january 2005

fan tribute cd, the o.c. elliott/sa honors, covers & e.s. string quartet tribute

thanks to all the fans on sweet addy for being a part and creating the 5th tribute cd to elliott. fans got together in the last year or so to come together to record some of elliott's songs as a tribute and now the cd/songs are now available for you to download. the cd features 21 songs and the organizers are encouraging fans to donate $5 to the elliott smith memorial fund for a listen if you can. if not its cool, you can still download it :) anyway thanks to the organizers for making them available for everyone to check out. if you would more information about the cd, where to download it and how to donate to the elliott smith memorial fund, please check out thekeenguy's post on sweet addy! you can also download 3 tracks!

the fox show, the o.c., featured 2 songs in the past few weeks. the first one they featured was twilight and this week the song that was featured was pretty (ugly before). bot are off from a basement on the hilli am not sure if more songs will appear on the show, but if you want to check out, you can watch on thursday nights on fox...(im just the messenger :P/:)

thanks to christian for sending us word that not only was elliott honored for lyrics and 'from a basement on the hill' but sweet adeline was also honored with a best of 2004 for music websites on ugo.com.. to check out the honors, please click on these links: best album, coolest lyric (for “fond farewell”), and best band/artist website.

also thanks to liza, jordan and gary for sending us info that under the radar also honored elliott in the latest issue. here is gary with more info: under the radar, one of the better music magazine going right now named "from a basement on the hill" as album of the year in their most recent issue (bright eyes cover). liza also says that twilight is the #1 song of the year in the issue too!

here are a few more honors too:
amazon.com - #14 on editors pick (thanks to heidi)
uncut magazine - #8 in top 50 releases of 2004 (thanks to rob)
series two - #3 on the top 10 (thanks to chris)

thanks to chris, brent and tom for sending us info about a couple of covers of elliott's songs from a couple of popular artists. the first one is a cover of satellite is performed by jazz guitarist bill frisell and singer/violinist petra haden on their new cd, petra haden and bill frisell. you can get more info, at bill's official site. also, madeleine peyroux has a new record called 'careless love', on which she covers elliott's 'between the bars.' cnn recently did an article on her and you can read more about it here!

finally, im sorry i haven't added this info before but thanks to mark for reminding us and sending us a link to the vitamin records page about the recent release of a string quartet tribute to elliott called, the string quartet tribute to elliot smith. the record has 12 instrumental versions of elliott's songs in tribute to him and it is now in stores! if you would like more information about it or want to order it, please go here: elliotsmith.thetributeto.com. (1.27.05)

elliott smith and the big nothing reading in nyc & end of the years honors

thanks rachel for sending us info that benjamin nugent will be a part of the reading series at barbe's in brooklyn, ny on thursday, january 6th at 7pm. admission is free too! if you would like to get more information about it, please check ned vizzini's blog or barbe's official site!

we got some more end of the year elliott honors for the release of 'from a basement on the hill.' here is what fans sent in!

shanghai diaries - #5 on the top 25 albums of the year (thanks dan)
kexp - rated 7th best by kexp in seattle in the readers voting (it also scored high on the individual dj lists) (thanks greg)
buffalo news - #2 on the best albums of 2004 list compiled by pop music critic, jeff miers (thanks kate) (1.6.05)